How Fast Is Sonic The Hedgehog?

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Of all the unanswered questions in the universe, ‘how fast is Sonic the Hedgehog’ has to be the most important.

Forget ‘is there life on Mars’ or ‘is a Jaffa cake a cake or a biscuit’ (it’s a cake), knowing how strong Sonic’s trainers are and how fast the blue peril can travel is what all us retro gamers really want to know.

We already know that he’s the fastest video game character of all time… or one that isn’t in a pod racer or spaceship, at any rate.

But just how fast is Sonic the Hedgehog compared to say a speeding train or a bullet?

I guess we better find out!

How fast is Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic looking confused

How Fast Is Sonic The Hedgehog?

Sonic the Hedgehog’s maximum speed is 767mph.

Yeah, that’s super fast!

How do we know this?

Well, we’ve done some digging into Sonic’s history and stolen his personal records from the Green Hill Zone (more commonly known as

Turns out Sonic’s recorded top speed is 767mph…

… that’s quick enough for him to make it all the way around the globe in around one and a half days.

That would make commuting so much easier!

Sonic Speed Facts

It’s safe to say that if a human were to be subjected to Sonic’s speeds, without being in some sort of protective suit, that they would pass out or cease to exist.

Sonic travels at 767mph, which is also the speed of sound…

… does that mean that you would hear him coming, or not?

With that in mind, let’s see how Sonic’s speeds compare to real life stuff we might come across in our day to day lives.

  • Usain Bolt – 27mph 28.4x slower than Sonic
  • Cheetah – 75mph – 10.2x slower than Sonic
  • Bullet Train – 199mph – 3.85x slower than Sonic
  • SSC Tuatara (that’s a car for anyone like me who didn’t know) – 316mph – 2.43x slower than Sonic
  • Boeing 747 – 654mph – Sonic’s still faster!
  • A bullet – 1,700mph – Ok, so Sonic can’t outrun a speeding bullet, just a bullet train…

Do Sonic’s Sneakers Make Him Fast?

Sonic is fast without his sneakers. The trouble is that he tends to wear through the soles of normal shoes pretty quickly…

… I guess you would too if you were creating friction at speeds of 767mph!

The Power Sneakers are the only shoes that are up to the task of keeping Sonic’s feet in tip-top condition.

And they look seriously cool too.

How Far Could Sonic Run In A Day?

The circumference of the Earth is around 25,000 miles. If Sonic maintained a speed of 767mph and didn’t stop for toilet breaks, food, or sleep, he could circumnavigate the globe in 32.59 hours.

Maybe Tails could step in and fly a bit of the way while holding Sonic so he can get some shut eye?

And that’s a wrap!

Thanks for joining us to find out ‘how fast is Sonic the Hedgehog’! Now you’ve got some tasty info to tell people at parties, impress your friends, or slip it into your chat-up lines. The choice is yours!

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