Pac-Man Pork Belly Buns Are Japan’s Latest Retro Gaming Treat

Pac-Man Pork Belly Buns

Yes, you read that right, this is an article about Pac-Man pork belly buns. They’re the latest retro gaming tasty snack that’s taking Japan by storm.

We’ve covered some weird stuff here at Retro Dodo over the years. I’ve written about Atari NFT Sneakers and Sonic Scented Candles… but this one really takes the biscuit…

… well, pork belly buns in this case… you get the idea.

So where do we have to go to get this exciting culinary creation?

Well, we’re taking a trip to Nagasaki to check out one of their most exciting creations – the Nagasaki Kakuni Manju!

Checking Out The Pac-Man Pork Belly Bun Phenomenon Sweeping Japan!

Pac-Man pork belly buns - the newest craze in Japan

Who would have thought a union between Namco and Nagasaki’s take on the Gua Bao would have excited us so much.

Well… as a team that pride themselves on eating copious amounts of food while gaming, I guess it isn’t that much of a surprise. We’re all drooling onto our keyboards right about now.

So what’s the deal here; why have Namco decided to put their most famous character on a bun?

Well, Kakuni Manju are a big deal in Nagasaki, and a restaurant names Iwasaki Honpo are the creators of one of the most highly sought after versions of this culinary marvel.

With a special soy sauce and fluffy buns that melt in the mouth, there’s always a long queue down the road!

Nom Nom Namco

Namco themed cloths and a new combo logo accompany the new PAc-Man Pork Belly Buns

I guess Pac-Man is known for being one of the biggest gobblers of all time, so it only makes sense that he should want to swap ghosts for some real sustenance once in a while.

With a yellow bun complete with those famous eyes, these Pac-Man pork belly buns are drawing in fans of the classic arcade game from all over the world.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that colouring is simply for show.

Oh no; as well as the trademark tangy sauce that makes these buns so delectable, the bun is now curry flavoured!

This dish is the nerdy gift that keeps on giving.

Why Have Namco Partnered With Iwasaki Honpo?

Is there a specific reason that one of the best arcade games is now on a gua bao, or are we looking into this too much?

Could we be about to see a Pac-Man revival on the cards, a new Pac-Man game that this bun is attracting attention to?

At the minute, I think we’re simply looking at a quirky marketing ploy to keep Namco in peoples minds. Pac-Man doesn’t need a PR team, but at least it keeps the brand on the tips of people’s tongues…

… literally, in this case.

So, if you’re into your Japanese Pork and fancy a tasty treat the next time you’re in Nagasaki, make sure to head down and grab one of these Pac-Man pork belly buns.

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