Sega Venus Handheld Revealed For The Very First Time

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Sega has continuously dropped exciting hints and new products throughout 2020, and now the gaming giants have revealed the Sega Venus handheld for the very first time!

Many readers already know that Sega celebrates its 60th birthday this year. The company has thus far dropped more exciting bombshells than Bruce Wayne at a charity fundraiser, with many more exciting announcements to come.

Sega recently mentioned both the Dreamcast Mini and the SG-1000 Mini in conversation. Sonic fans remain stunned after a new Sonic game rumour dropped, and the world cried out in joy after reading our Game Gear Micro review.

The company might be best known for the best Sega Genesis games, but the Sega Game Gear was one of the most popular handhelds of the 90s with 10.62 million units sold.

Ok, so it was 110 million short of the Game Boy, but it’s still a great achievement and over 9 million more sales than the Nomad received.

But what is the Sega Venus? Where does it fit into the Sega handheld timeline, and why are we only just seeing it now?

Checking Out The Sega Venus Handheld For The Very First Time

Sega Venus Handheld - the prototype that led to the Sega Nomad

What Is the Sega Venus Handheld?

The Sega Venus handheld games console is a prototype of the Sega Nomad, the second release after the Game Gear.

As part of Sega’s year-long birthday celebrations, the company continues to reveal Easter eggs left, right, and centre. Their most recent announcement gives a video history lesson on all of the iconic consoles that Sega produced.

Sega producer and manager Hiroyuki Miyazaki is the star of the clip, taking viewers from the SG-1000 all the way up to Sega’s home console swan song, the Dreamcast.

A Cosmic Outlook

Now, many Seganauts will know about Sega’s love of the planets and all things space-age when it comes to code-naming their products. Sega Mercury became the Sega Game Gear, and the Sega Saturn actually retained its name all the way through to the final product.

Coincidentally, Sega Uranus was never used as ‘Uranu’ means ‘wont sell’ in Japanese. That’s never a good omen!

The Sega Venus would go on to become the Sega Nomad, the portable Mega Drive/Genesis system. Struggling to overcome Nintendo in the handheld console market, the Nomad marked their last-ditch effort to draw sales away from Mazza and the gang.

And while we all know what happened next, the Nomad provides an authentic way to play Sonic and Streets of Rage on the go for those gamers firmly against the best Retropie handhelds.

How Do The Sega Venus And The Sega Nomad Differ?

The Sega Venus remains a prototype version of the Nomad. The best way that I can describe it is that it looks like Steven Rogers before he climbs into that tank and comes out looking like Captain America.

Both consoles have the same buttones and D-PAD set up, though the buttons on the Nomad look more oval than round. I suppose Sega wanted to make the console look more futuristic, but I like the retro feel of the Sega Venus.

Whoever thought the Nomad would look good with a slanting top certainly should have had a stern talking to! What was the point in that?

Will This New Sega Handheld Console Be Released?

At the start of this year, I wouldn’t have given any thought to the Sega Venus being released. Still, after the Limited Edition Game Gear Micro pack and previously unreleased games appearing online, it could be a possibility.

After the success of the Sega Mega Drive Mini, Sega may well revive their Genesis portable platform.

The Sega Venus would be a great way to do this, giving fans of the series a chance to hold another piece of gaming history in their hands in the process.

What do you think of the Sega Venus? Do you prefer it to the Nomad, or is it on old relic that should stay hidden in the shadows?

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