Pimp Your Dreamcast With These Replacement VMU Shells

The full collection of replacement VMU shells from videogamesnewyork so far

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Whenever I look at a Dreamcast, I still get that sense of amazement, that wonder of ‘what could have been’, and a general feeling of awe. And in my line of work, I look at Dreamcasts a lot.

Even the name sparks excitement: Dreamcast, a console that should have been filled with endless possibilities, yet ended up being a poorly timed Sega swansong.

Still, thanks to the Retro Gaming Community, the Dreamcast endures, with collectors and modders far and wide doing everything that they can to keep this retro marvel alive for as long as possible.

We’ve seen new, redesigned controllers that promote an easier style of play, and now a series of Replacement Dreamcast VMU Shells are available to give your memory card a new lease of life too.

The Same Memory Card, But Not As You Remember It

Replacement VMU Shell for the Dreamcast VMU in translucent orange
Credit: Videogamesnewyork

I think we can all agree that the VMU is more than just a memory card. It’s a visual representation of the word ‘retro’ while in the same breath being one of the most impressive memory units ever made.

Heck, it even had its own games that you could play on it, making it such a versatile piece of kit that never really got the kind of recognition it deserved.

Videogamesnewyork is hoping to change that, an independent publisher and retailer from, as you might have guessed, the Big Apple itself. This is their first Kickstarter project, and not only have they already surpassed their funding target, but they did it in just 12 hours!

There’s a lot of love for the VMU out there still, people!

Map of the individual parts for the new VMU shells from Videogamesnewyork
Credit: Videogamesnewyork

Their design, made from four specific injection moulds that produce five pieces, allows users to give their VMU a brand new look, enhancing their current setup or just giving their VMU some much-needed love and affection after a long stint of gaming.

It is 26 years old, after all, so I think it deserves a bit of a pamper session with a new look, don’t you?

When Can I Get My Hands On One?

With the new replacement Dreamcast VMU shells already surpassing their target, Videogamesnewyork is looking to begin production this Summer and ship in Autumn.

The more backers the project gets, however, the more colours will be up for grabs, so just because the project has met its initial funding doesn’t mean we should stop backing.

Who else is hoping for a glow-in-the-dark edition?

Back the official Kickstarter campaign to get your hands on a colour of your choice and to help the team make more colours a reality for the future!

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