Retro Fighters StrikerDC Wireless Dreamcast Controller Open For Pre-Orders Now

retro fighters strikerdc wireless pre order

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Untether your Dreamcast experience and play like never before thanks to the Retro Fighters Striker DC Wireless Dreamcast Controller!

The Sega Dreamcast, even though it didn’t last long in comparison to the other consoles released in that era, is still treasured by many.

Because of this, companies like Retro Fighters have been making every effort to bring the now outdated tech into the modern era, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all the hard work that they do.

We’ve covered other controllers from the company and talked about them in extensively, just like in our Retro Fighters Defender review.

But now, Retro Fighters have announced pre-orders are officially open for its brand new StrikerDC Wireless Dreamcast controller,.

But hurry, it’s only for a only for a limited time.

Retro Fighters StrikerDC Wireless Controller

This is the third iteration of the StrikerDC created by Retro Fighters, with both the original and colour variants being its predecessors, and is the only wireless option of the three.

It comes in two colors – white and translucent blue. This almost mirrors that of the original controllers that came with the console way back when.

It boasts 2.4GHz wireless tech for low latency input with a huge 30ft range. This is perfect for those who are utilizing the StrikerDC in large rooms.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the Hall Effect analog sticks. This ensures that you won’t get any nasty drift no matter how many hours you use this thing for.

But what about battery life?

Well, you’ll be receiving over 10 hours on a full charge which is pretty fantastic.

It also utilizes a USB-C connection, always nice thanks to its improved durability over micro USB.

Finally, if you’re looking at its sleek design and are wondering where the VMU is, don’t worry. The included dongle comes with an attached slot for it to fit right into. This allows you to both save your game and play the more interactive Dreamcast titles.

retro fighters strikerdc wireless with dongle
Source: Retro Fighters

If you want to grab this next gen Dreamcast controller for yourself, you’ll need to do so before September 2nd. Otherwise you’ll have to hope and pray there is stock come the expected release date on November 15th.

It will set you back $49.99 which is more than what you can pick up the original Dreamcast controller for second hand these days. But, you will receive some serious upgrades and a full 12 month warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

If you’re a Dreamcast enthusiast or simply someone who wants to play around with this retro console they’ve just found in their attic, StrikerDC Wireless is more than worth trying out!

Visit the Retro Fighters store fore more information and to get your pre-order in!

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