PokUni A3 Is The Next Best Cloud Based Handheld PC

PokUni A3

A powerful new handheld PC is hoping to take the cloud and stream gaming scene by storm. Please help us welcome the new PokUni A3 to the ever growing handheld market.

Chinese New Year 2023 celebrations should be coming to a conclusion, so we should start to see a lot of new announcements and leaks coming out of China very soon.

The first to emerge is the new streaming PC, the PokUni A3, which was shared to a Youtube video today (January 30th, 2023).

We think it could be the next best cloud based handheld. Let’s find out!

PokUni A3 Details

PokUni A3
Image Source: Youtube NITTRX

The PokUni A3 is a high end cloud gaming and streaming device.

Upon first glance, you might mistake this for the long lost Powkiddy X28. But that is simply because both devices share similar aesthetic choices with sharp angles and the slanted triggers at the top.

The design of the PokUni A3 does look quite nice, and all signs point to a premium device with the best components available.

PokUni is advertising Japanese ALPS buttons, which they say are the same used in Xbox and PS5 controllers.

The screen is a 7 inch HD touchscreen, and the device can also be docked on a large screen with a USB-C to HDMI cable.

The description of the Youtube video reads: “price will be less than 2,000”. Presumably that is Chinese Yuan which would make this device around $299 usd.

That would put the PokUni A3 just below the price of the most similar device on the market, the Logitech G Cloud.

They also say: “It is reported that the handheld will be listed early next year”. We assume that copy was written at the end of 2022, and the device is due to release quite soon.

Since we can see a working device in the video, it’s safe to say these are nearly ready to go.

PokUni A3 Performance

Because this is a device focused on streaming, most of its power is in its ability to send and receive data as quickly as possible.

The internal hardware does not have to be as powerful as a device that runs games locally, like a Steam Deck.

This also allows for a device that is smaller, lighter, thinner, cooler.

They do point out that the PokUni A3 only weighs in at about 400g. That’s the same as a Nintendo Switch with Joycons attached. A Logitech G Cloud is 463g and the hefty Steam Deck is about 750g.

PokUni A3
Image Source: Youtube NITTRX

They never specifically call out the CPU or GPU. One Discord investigator* said they found reference to an RK3399 on Baidu. [*User ‘Silicon Valley Nate’ on ‘Retro Handhelds’ Discord]

If the game play footage shared on the Youtube video is anything to be trusted, we can have high hopes for the abilities of the PokUni A3.

For example, they played Hades in handheld mode at 300 fps.

And they say that it can go up to 4k at 60 fps docked to your television. Which sounds pretty awesome.

PokUni A3 Game Play Capabilities

PokUni A3
Image Source: Youtube NITTRX

Keep in mind that this is a Windows PC. So all Windows PC based programs will also run on the device.

Update February 1, 2023: It has been pointed out to us that this is most certainly an Android or Linux device, and the Windows desktop featured in the video was being streamed to the device. Which makes more sense now that we think about it.

Things like Steam, Playstation Plus cloud streaming or Xbox Cloud Gaming are all fair game here.

Where this could get fun for those of us with a focus on retro gaming is in the A3’s emulation capabilities.

Knowing that the G Cloud can emulate PSP, Dreamcast, Wii, PS2, and Game Cube… it’s safe to guess the new PokUni A3 will do that and possibly more.

For AAA titles, this device depends entirely on WIFI and your home’s internet speed to stream your game play.

The handheld itself can easily handle whatever games you throw at it, as long as your internet connection can keep up.

PokUni A3 Specifications

  • 7-inch touchscreen (1920×1200)
  • Video out using USB-C to HDMI
  • Japanese ALPS buttons
  • 7200mAh large-capacity battery (up to 27W, PD fast charging, 5-6 hours)
  • 400g

PokUni A3 First Impressions

The PokUni A3 looks to be a premium addition to an ever growing list of options in the handheld PC market.

This specifically is something that competes with the likes of the Logitech G Cloud, and does not stand in the same space as something like an AYN Odin or AYANEO 2.

We would not be surprised to see the PokUni become a contender for a future Best Cloud Gaming Handhelds list here on Retro Dodo.

Seems like its performance should match or best the likes of the G Cloud, but with a lower price tag.

Premium gaming device at an affordable price; hard to go wrong with that.

You’ve got our attention PokUni.

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