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Nike Reveals New Nintendo 64 Sneakers And We Just Can’t Even

If you were born in the 90’s it’s most likely you came across the N64 at a friends sleepover or organised midnight gaming sessions. Mario Kart and Golden Eye were some of the big names that you’ve most likely played. Nike have been renowned for taking a touch on retro in some of their latest shoes, for example the Nike Playstation kicks they released last year.

But rarely do they go back beyond the 2000’s. Until now.

Nike have just revealed that they will be release Nintendo 64 inspired sneakers this year titled the Nike Air Max 97 “Nintendo 64” and we couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately there is no revealed release date, or price, but you can bet your money that it will be available on the Nike Sneakrs app and will cost between $150-$250 a pair.

If you look closely you can see some iconic features from the retro console, such as the Power & Reset buttons and obviously the retro colour scheme that is used in the N64 logo and on the controllers. Within the sneakers you can also see it mentions “Designed in 1997” a subtle nod to when the N64 was released.

If you look towards the heel you can see another nod at Nintendo, showing off the classic Nintendo font with “Air Max” replicated as the Nintendo logo.

There’s nothing special on the bottom, just a couple of red touches. This could be the start of Nike creating sneakers with a retro touch. Imagine a Gamecube sneaker or even a Gameboy sneaker! Now that is something we can get behind. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to be notified when these things go live, because you can bet your butt that we’ll be trying to get hold of these for you to experience the unboxing.