Hands On With Nubeo’s Limited Edition Luxury Space Invaders Timepiece

nubeo space invaders

I have collected watches for a number of years now, owning a selection from Tag Heuer, Rotary and CASIO. I wouldn’t class myself as an “expert” but I do have a keen eye for visually pleasing timepieces that can last a lifetime.

I have also started to show interest in retro gaming themed watches (and im not talking about those old classic Nintendo toy watches from the 90’s that now cost a small fortune), because not only are they incredibly unique, they fit perfectly with my subtle nerd aesthetic.

We’ve seen many watches enter the gaming industry over the last couple of years, for example, the Tag Heuer X Super Mario crossover, SEGA’S collaboration with ANICORN and Capcom teamed up with AVI-8, there’s plenty to choose from.

One that I have the honour to sample myself is the new Nubeo collaboration with Taito, a not so subtle timepiece that’s overloaded with nostalgia, crafted specifically to commemorate the 45th anniversary of one of the best retro games ever created… Space Invaders.

The Packaging

nubeo space invaders watch packaging

Called the “Solar Gold” this MAGELLAN Automatic watch comes packaged flawlessly, cased in a waterproof, hard shell case, wrapped with padding and Space Invaders illustrations, perfect to display it on a shelf or in a watch display piece.

Nubeo supply two straps, one yellow for those that want this to really pop on the wrist, and a stealthier grey rubber strap for those that want it to match the stainless steel casing.

These straps are easy to take off thanks to the included tool.

You’ll also find a certificate of authenticity that showcase the numbered watch, as there’s only 180 of these Gold variants ever made, making them incredibly limited. 650 of them have been made in total across their Limited Edition range.

Dig deeper and you’ll find a small manual which informs you on how to change the strap and how to re-wind the watch itself.

Build Quality

nubeo space invaders close up

The watch is wrapped in a stainless steel shell with gold chrome accents and stealth grey sides to partner nicely with the comfortable silicone strap (which also has gold detailing).

The barrel shaped face curves ever so slightly around your wrist and bends the anti-reflective mineral glass nicely across the metal allowing you to look down into the clock which is surrounded by invaders, just like the top down game style itself.

The walls of the interior are bright green to make it feel like you’re between the video game’s walls, look closer and you’ll see the minutes dotted around the walls in pixel font too.

The hands themselves are white with coloured invaders on each corner, and the infamous green battleship, giving the watch an array of nostalgic colours which immediately grabs your attention.

nubeo space invaders watch back

To make the colours pop even more many areas of the watch actually glow in the dark too.

Flip the Nubeo Watch over and you’ll find a large Invader Icon on the back, look behind it and you’ll see the automatic rotor which charges the battery when the watch is moved, meaning you’ll never need to add a battery to it.

Should you ever need to kickstart it, simply rewind the crown on the right hand side by pulling it out to give it some juice. You can also see the rotor mechanics from the front too which as a watch enthusiasts I enjoy staring at.

Overall Opinion

nubeo space invaders watch gold

This is my first time holding a Nubeo watch and I’m impressed with how they’ve managed to mix a modern barrel faced style watch with a retro video game so vibrantly.

It’s certainly not a subtle watch, one that doesn’t fit with formal occasions admittedly, but it’s a timepiece that immediately grabs peoples attentions thanks to the large size, vibrant colours and over the top wrist strap choices.

It’s kicking off my video game watch collection nicely, and after wearing it daily for a week I can comfortably say it feels superb.

The build quality is incredibly, probably because it’s built like a tank, but even the intriqute twists of the crown to change functions feels fluid and responsive.

Even the pins used to keep the silicone straps attached are strong. It’s a watch I know will last a life time and I am exicted to see if Nubeo will venture into other video games in the future, because this is one serious video game timepiece.

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