How To Play Delta Emulator Games On TV With iPhone

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Delta has arrived on the App Store, meaning thousands of gamers are logging on to play their favourite games and homebrew titles on the go. It’s shot to the top of the iPhone free App charts and will no doubt be joined by the likes of PPSSPP and Provenance very soon.

But here’s one thing that you might have missed; you can use your iPhone to play games on the TV, turning your iPhone into a game controller either in vertical or horizontal mode, seeing your game up on the big screen while kicking back on the couch.

Delta Emulator on the iPhone with a purple N64 skin

The process is incredibly simple too. The first thing you need to do is bring up the settings on your iPhone, making sure your TV and your iPhone are on the same WiFi network.

Using screen-mirroring on the iPhone

Once both devices are on the same Network, head to the screen mirroring option (the button in the red circle above) and select the name of your TV to kickstart Airplay. Once you select your TV, everything from your iPhone will be mirrored onto your TV.

Using Airplay to get games from Delta onto your TV

At this point, you can open Delta and load one of your games from your Files folder and it will automatically move gameplay from your phone onto your TV, leaving you with just the controls on your phone. Alternatively, you can have Delta pre-loaded and complete this entire process; as long as you have a TV with screen mirroring options, then this process will work perfectly. I’ve tried a little with 40 Winks and had some great results, essentially turning my phone into an external controller with a cool skin!

So there you have it, that’s how to play games from the Delta emulator for iPhone on your TV. Will the fact that you can Airplay games from this emulator have even more of an effect on the sales of retro handhelds, or is it more of a gimmick that you might use occasionally? Only time will tell!

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