10 Rarest Pokémon Burger King Toys of All Time

rarest pokemon burger king toys of all time

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Get ready to burn a hole in your wallet or make some serious cash as we check out the 10 rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time!

If you grew up in the late 1990s and early 2000s like I did, then you’ll know that visiting your favourite fast food joint came with not only a treat in terms of food, but also a toy from huge franchises like Pokémon.

And one of the biggest ‘whoppers’ in terms of the fast food giants has always been Burger King.

20 years later, the rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time can fetch much more than the price of the original meal.

But which are the rarest, and which fetch the biggest price?

Find out below as we check out the rarest Pokémon Burger King Toys available to buy today!

10. Pokémon World Plush with Keyring (2000)

rarest Pokémon burger king toys - Pokemon world plush with keyring

In at number 10 is the classic Pokémon World Plush with Keyring Burger King toy!

Who doesn’t love a Pokémon plush? Well, enter the year 2000 collab with Burger King which had a whole bunch for you to collect, making them among the rarest Pokémon Burger King toys.

These were Pokémon introduced with the very first game and even included Mew which was one of the most prized finds.

Along with the plush, you received an attached keyring as well as a silver/gray plastic Pokémon World coin, separating this plush from the plethora of others being manufactured at the time.

9. Pokémon Rev-tops (1999)

Spinning tops have been around for generations, but what about Pokèmon Rev-Tops? This set of rare Pokémon Burger King toys is part of a 1999 57 collection consisting of various other toys that we will also be detailing parts of shortly.

If you’re wondering what exactly Rev-tops are, well they are a variation on the classic spinning top that require you to ‘rev’ up by using a similar action as you would a match on a matchbox but in this case, on a hard surface.

There were 12 Rev-tops to collect in this initial set with Pokémon such as Ditto and Golem featuring.

8. Pokémon Launchers (1999)

rarest Pokémon burger king toys - Pokemon launchers

Another portion of the 57 Pokémon Burger King toys in the exciting 1999 collection are Pokémon Launchers.

These launchers allowed for some interactivity like the Rev-tops, giving them a bit more to the toy over just being something to hold.

They work by slotting the Pokémon with wheels into a back ‘launcher’. Press a button and they fly off, more often than not in a completely random direction due to the power.

There were 9 launchers to collect including a nice Venusaur and Arcanine, both of which are popular among fans.

7. Pokémon Light-ups (1999)

Next up on our list of the rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time comes from the 1999 partnership; Pokémon Light-ups.

There were 5 of these to collect including both Mew and Mewtwo. If you were lucky enough to find one of these in your meal, they came with special additions – a pink Poké Ball containing Mew, and the incubator machine containing Mewtwo.

As alluded to by the name of this collection, each of the Pokémon figures lights up when activated, making them way more special than just a simple figurine.

6. Poké Beanbags (1999)

rarest Pokémon burger king toys - Poke beanbags

1999 was a good year for the rarest Pokèmon Burger King toys, though some had more weight to them than other. I am of course talking about the Poké Beanbags!

Now, these aren’t beanbags in the traditional sense as they’re more like Beanie Babies rather than beanbags that you’d be sitting on.

It’d be impressive if they’d fit one of those into a Burger King meal…

There were 8 of these to collect with our personal favorite being either the Gyarados or Snorlax.

5. Pokémon World Watch (2000)

Like to show off your Pokémon Burger King swag? The Pokémon World Watch bundled in with their meals would have been your go to if we were back in the year 2000.

These watches came in 6 different variations – Pikachu, Lugia, Moltres, Jigglypuff, Marill, and the most surprising of all, Zubat.

Each of these were a different color, mostly corresponding with that of the Pokémon on the watch, and when certain buttons on the watch were pressed, the Pokémon’s cry sounded.

Also bundled in were two octagonal disks that could be inserted in the watch for some additional dialogue from other Pokémon.

4. Mini Game Boy with Cart (2000)

rarest Pokémon burger king toys - Mini game boy with cart

In at number 4 on our list of the rarest Pokèmon Burger King toys is the Mini Game Boy with Cart set!

If you weren’t a fan of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), you probably played the Game Boy games instead.

If you visit Burger King in 2000, you got the chance to pick up one of the now rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time – the mini Pokémon themed Game Boy Color complete with cart. 

These came in various colors, featuring different Pokémon from the original 151 and subsequent additions from Pokémon Gold and Silver. 

While you couldn’t actually play a Game Boy game, there were differing variants that had a ball game, moving Pokémon via the directional pad, and more.

3. Talking Pikachu Plush (1999)

This Talking Pikachu Plush was part of the 1999 Burger King Pokémon promotion. You had a slim chance at receiving one, making it one of the rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time.

As one of the 57 possible toys that you could get included with the Big Kids Meal, it was certainly the most desirable of the lot since it was the only one that had any form of sound.

There were also 3 different talking Pikachu to pick up with each saying a different catchphrase, making collecting the full set even more difficult.

2. Pokémon Power 3D Card (2000)

rarest Pokémon burger king toys - Pokemon power 3d card

We all know the original Pokémon TCG cards can be worth some serious cash, but did you know that Burger King bundled in Pokémon Power 3D Card sets with one of their kids meals?

These cards were certainly a departure to the usual Pokèmon cards you all know and love. Not only were they 3D in nature, but they also boasted moving parts and even lights when slotted into their accompanying stands.

There were a total of 24 of these to collect, mostly consisting of the first generation Pokémon with a few new introductions such as Lugia, Elekid, and Marill thrown in to coincide with the Pokémon 2000 Movie.

1. 23k Gold Plated Pokémon Trading Card & Poké Ball (1999)

Probably the most recognisable, and our personal pick as the best rarest Pokémon Burger King toy of all time, is the 23k Gold Plated Pokémon Trading Card & Poké Ball.

This one comes in 6 different variants – Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Poliwhirl, and Togepi, each being housed within a shiny Poké Ball, just to make it that bit more special.

The most desirable of the six is naturally the fan favorite Charizard, with the Pikachu and Mewtwo cards closely following behind.

You even get a Certificate of Authenticity with this one, so if you’re planning on picking one up from a reseller, make sure it comes with one of these to ensure it’s legit.

And that wraps up our picks as the rarest Pokémon Burger King toys of all time! While none of these will likely reach the heights of an original Base Set Charizard in value, they’re a solid choice for those wanting to add a bit of variation to their retro Pokémon collection.

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