MagicX XU Mini M Boasts Dual Hall Effect Joysticks And A Pint-sized 2.8-inch IPS Display

magicx mini handheld

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Ask anyone what they want to see in a portable handheld, and they’ll tell you that comfortable and reliable joysticks are high up on the list. We see Hall Effect joysticks shipping with a lot of gaming controllers, but not in cost-effective handhelds, and that’s where the MagicX XU Mini M hopes to get ahead of the competition.

This handheld is jumping straight into a competition pool with ANBERNIC and Miyoo, two names that regular readers of Retro Dodo will no doubt recognise. Battling it out with the likes of the ANBERNIC RG28BXX and the Miyoo A30 might prove to be a tough challenge, but those joysticks are bound to make people sit up and notice.

While Powkiddy has shown some affiliation by showcasing MagicX products, we know that they aren’t minds behind the handhelds. At this stage, however, we don’t know much about the handheld itself bar the fact that it will have a 2.8″ IPS display at 640 x 480 pixels, falling in line with ANBERNIC’s and Miyoo’s offerings and coming in a little smaller than the previous MagicX XU10. According to ForTheNext, it will support Linux/ArkOS too. If the information on the images is correct, then we’ll also have left and right speakers and a battery life of 8-10 hours too!

Information we’ve discovered on NotebookCheck states that the MagicX XU Mini M will be available to pick up next month but comes without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth which might put some handheld gaming fans off. It comes in a little larger than the RG28BXX and the A30, but for me, that won’t be a massive problem. First glances at the images make me think that it’s going to feel nice in the hands and pretty sturdy too. I’m looking forward to getting my thumbs on those joysticks, and as always we’ll let you know more information as and when we get it as well as how much it’s going to cost.

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