New Mario Gameboy Games For Nintendo Switch Online Revealed On MAR10 Day

3 gameboy game cases on a red background

MAR10 Day is well underway, and after the news of LEGO Mario Kart coming up and three new LEGO sets, I thought that the announcements really couldn’t get any better.

But, Mazza and Nintendo know how to pull at our nostalgic heart strings, and they’ve released three classic Mario Gameboy games onto Nintendo Switch Online as part of the festivities.

If, like me and the rest of the Dodo team, you had a Gameboy DMG or a Gameboy Color when you were younger, then you have no doubt played Dr Mario, Mario Golf, and Mario Tennis.

And while they might not be bona fide Mario side-scrolling adventures, they’re epic titles that I put far too much time into as a kid.

And now, I get to do it all again and call it work – how great is that!

Mario Classics Coming To Nintendo’s Hybrid Hero

I wasn’t even a year old when Dr Mario dropped back onto the DMG in 1990. Somewhere on my phone is a picture of my Mum playing the game on the Gameboy that she bought me when I was 5, however… on Christmas Day too.

I guess gaming has always been in the family!

Dr Mario Gameboy Case held by Seb, our Editor in Chief

Many of you will have played Dr Mario on the NES, destroying little virus characters while matching coloured pills together, which is precisely how I think that the world’s scientists dealt with the Covid crisis.

Mario Golf and Mario Tennis dropped at the end of the decade in 1999 and 2000 respectively and are still regulars in my Gameboy Color today. Mario Golf is one of those game that always surprises people as it has an RPG element to it, which I guess you really wouldn’t think could be a thing with a golf game.

Mario Golf GBC gameplay, with Mario teeing off
Credit: Nintendo

Players could chat with other golfing characters in the game and explore different areas around the courses, as well as certain challenges to complete in order to improve your skills.

The same goes for Mario Tennis too, with players working their way through the game from a Tennis Rookie to a fully-fledged Champion in order to take on Mario. There were multiplayer modes in both games too used via Link Cable, and while I prefer the N64 offerings for gaming with friends, they’re still going to be fun to tackle on the Switch, especially now with Online play.

Mario Tennis gameplay, with 4 players playing doubles
Credit: Nintendo

The new Mario Gameboy games announced as part of MAR10 Day will arrive as part of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion pack on March 12th, so get ready and clear your calendar!

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