LEGO Mario Kart Announced As Part Of MAR10 Day Celebrations

Mario Kart car with a declaration above letting people know when Lego Mario Kart is available

MAR10 day has literally come early for Nintendo fans everywhere with the news of a LEGO Mario Kart set dropping in 2025!

It turns out that Mario didn’t want to take the shine off Mums around the UK this Sunday as they sat down to celebrate Mother’s Day, with the news dropping as part of a special LEGO announcement the night before!

The official LEGO announcement for MAR10 Day (Mar 10 for the non-nerds out there) lasted over 8 minutes, and it wasn’t until the very end that we got the ‘special announcement’ that the presenter had been promising us from the very begining.

As you can see from the video above shared on the Nintendo of America X account and the little teaser I used as the feature image on this article, the video shows a silhouette of a kart alongside Mario’s LEGO figurine, who looked incredibly happy about the upcoming collaboration.

Unfortunately, apart from some tense music and some exciting visuals, all I know is that I can look forward to building something in 2025.

Does this mean I need to be preparing to build a new Mario Kart track like a Scalextric set? Or is this going to be a new kind of Mario Kart game like Mario Kart Home Live: Home Circuit.

Personally, I hope that I’m going to be moving everything out of my office and making space for a huge Scalextric set like a kind of real-life Mario Party game – that will be the best work day ever!

More LEGO Sets Dropping Soon

LEGO King Boo's Haunted Mansion set. A family is illuminating it with torches
Credit: Nintendo/Lego

While I’ve clearly got a lot to look forward to in 2025, the news that three new LEGO sets are dropping soon has sated my block-building appetite for now.

The announcement video saw a family playing with all three LEGO sets, and the arrival of King Boo’s Haunted Mansion for LEGO Luigi to explore has made my day, and my year.

Watching King Boo poking out from behind the roof and the inclusion of my favourite Mario Kart character Dry Bones… it was the stuff that dreams are made of.

A family playing with Bowser's Express Train LEGO set
Credit: Nintendo/Lego

We’ve also seen the epic Bowser’s Express Train Set, which honestly looks like a train ride I would pay a higher price than the Orient Express for. Twinned with the Muscle Car set, this could make Bowser the most sought-after LEGO character in town!

Two children playing with the new Battle With Roy at Peach's Castle LEGO set
Credit: Nintendo/Lego

The final set bears the catch title of ‘Battle With Roy at Peach’s Castle’. I think it pretty much gives away what you can all expect to see in this one, and I’m very excited to play with a little Chain Chomp in the near future.

No details have been confirmed about the cost of these sets or their release date, but keep checking back for more information as an when we get it!

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