New GameCube Controller Trademarks In UK Leave Fans Hoping For Switch Online Arrival

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It’s one of the best things that we could possibly wake up to – Nintendo have filled new GameCube controller trademarks here in the UK.

As an avid GameCube fan, my mind instantly starts racing. What does this mean? Why the controller? Are they making it smaller? When can I get my hands on one?

Twitter user Jo Reggelt has done some digging and found three trademarks based on different parts of the Nintendo GameCube controller filed by Nintendo in the UK.

Jo Reggelt Tweet
Credit: X/Jo Reggelt

Now, does this mean that Nintendo are prepping an official wireless Nintendo GameCube controller to coincide with GameCube games popping up on Switch Online?

The trademarks have just been filed (Jan 23rd & 25th 2024), which means that if we’re to go with Nintendo’s previous Direct calendar, we could be getting an announcement about what they’re actually for in February.

But that’s just a few weeks away, how exciting! (If you’re reading this from the future, I just wanted you to know how excited I was while writing this).

Could We Be Getting A New Mini Console?

Still, Nintendo have previously stated that GameCube games wouldn’t be coming to the Switch. So, does that mean we might be getting a GameCube Mini.

It’s too early for me to be getting that excited, but think about it… if they only want to go up to N64 on the Nintendo Switch Online service, then perhaps the next step is to bring out a GameCube Mini with slightly smaller buttons?

Or, maybe GameCube games just weren’t coming to Nintendo Switch Online on The Nintendo Switch. Perhaps they’re going to be dropping on the Nintendo Switch 2, and making use of that tasty 8-inch screen everyone has been talking about.

We’ve already got Nintendo GameCube controllers for the Switch designed to give Smash Bros. Ultimate that ultimate nostalgic feel, but they have wires and limited range from the TV. There’s the Retro Fighters Duelist, but that’s not an Official Nintendo Product, so it would make sense to bring one of their own out, hence why they could be filing a trademark to renew the button shape size and configuartion that makes their iconic controller so unique.

I do think it’s unlikely that we’ll be getting a new Smash Bros game any time soon, especially if the Nintendo Switch 2 is backwards compatible as rumours are suggesting. Ultimate is just over 5 years old and has plenty of life in it yet, but it would be great to play it online with an official wireless GC controller

Time will tell what these Nintendo GameCube controller trademarks mean, but the Retro Dodo team have all woken up happy after hearing this news! Keep checking back for more info as and when we get it!

Here are some of the best GameCube games currently on Nintendo Switch to keep you occupied until then!

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