N64 Gameboy Combines Two Nintendo Consoles In One Epic Handheld

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One of the best bits about my job is stumbling across epic creations built by the retro gaming community like this incredible N64 Gameboy!

Modders and handheld gaming enthusiasts continually surprise us with their ingenuity and their commitment to doing what Nintendo won’t, and that’s making an N64 handheld.

I’m going to be honest, I’ve wanted something like this for so long now. Playing my existing carts of the best N64 games on a portable handheld with no save file issues – it’d be a dream come true.

Jonathan Wild, a.k.a Hailrazer, has done just that, turning an old Gameboy Advance carry case into a working handheld console that keeps classic Ninty games alive and kicking!

All Photos © Johnathan Wild Hailrazer

Checking Out The N64 Gameboy Advance!

N64 Gameboy Advance built from a Gameboy Advance carry case

Here it is folks, the N64 Gameboy Advance!

Ok, so far starters, it’s impossible to tell that this is a carry case from the front. It looks like a souped up GBA console with al of the features that we know and love from the worlds weirdest-shaped controller.

We’ll go into more detail about how this thing works below, but to give a brief summary, this is a carry case with a mother board from an N64 inside along with a boat load of tech wizardry.

Jonathan built this device for himself. It’s not a commercial product and it doesn’t pander to any of the modern needs for docking or plugging in external controllers. It’s simply a handheld built by a guy who wants to game on the go, which makes us love it even more.

Key Features Of The N64 Gameboy Advance

This N64 Gameboy mod keeps some of the original features of the N64 controller such as the iconic C-button formation and the classic A and B coloured buttons.

The beauty of modding, however, is that you can do away with features that aren’t necessary or that prove to be a hinderance.

Jonathan used the same Start and Select button set-up found on the GBA and added a GameCube joystick into the mix.

We’re with Jonathan on this one; the GameCube joystick is way more comfortable than the original N64 offering, so that’s a real nice touch.

The N64 Gameboy Before Hailrazer’s Transformation

The shoulder buttons are smaller, and the two Z-buttons on the top of the handheld are nicely placed for quick triggering.

Because this is a carry case and not an original console, it is a little chunkier. Still, it looks as though it fits in the hand nicely, and a little bit of weight in a handheld gives it more of a premium feel.

Inside the N64 Gameboy

This is where the magic really happens. Jonathan has modded the motherboard found inside the N64 and slotted it into this case alongside batteries and other important gubbings.

As well as wiring up all the buttons mentioned in the section above, Jonathan included a volume control and a charging port on the bottom of the console in-between two speakers.

The console has pretty good sound, and those chunky buttons make a great noise while playing.

That image above terrifies me; I’m not gonna lie. Brandon (that bloke you all watch on our YouTube channel) is the one who enjoys putting consoles together, whereas I just enjoy playing the games.

Still, Jonathan certainly enjoyed the challenge, and this N64 Gameboy is one inventive and tasty looking console.,

Check out Jonathan playing some of his favourite games on his handmade device in the video below!

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