Miyoo Is Still Trying To Make The Mini Horizontal Handheld

Miyoo Mini Horizontal

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It looks like Miyoo might have a pretty busy year with their Mini+, Mini Flip, and now new images of the long forgotten Miyoo Mini Horizontal (aka the Miyoo 282).

This is the same Miyoo Mini Horizontal that we had seen almost one year ago. We had all but given up on seeing it ever again.

And important to clarify that this is NOT the Miyoo P60, which is likely 100% cancelled.

But it would seem that Miyoo is pursuing the Horizontal Miyoo 282 console next, rather than their New Miyoo Mini Flip based on Twitter discussions.

Miyoo Mini Horizontal

New information has come from the users @miyoomini and @GameboyJuntaro, who are both at the forefront of all things Miyoo lately.

(As far as I know, the @miyoomini account is not Miyoo themselves, but an account that follows their stock and leaks.)

If those Twitter statements are to be believed, then Miyoo intends to make the Horizontal Miyoo 282 next. But we should approach this topic with caution.

Miyoo 282 Horizontal

credit: u/moontorc on redit

If we go back and look at the original images from last year, there appear to be some minor adjustments. But it’s overall the same idea.

The Miyoo 282 is a micro sized emulation device in a horizontal format that is designed to make use of interchangeable face plates.

The new photo really leans into the Game Boy Micro and Game & Watch aesthetics that it takes inspiration from.

The main difference from the original images is that they changed the shape of the Start and Select buttons.

Because we only have one photo, we cannot see any of the ports or buttons on the sides of the device. Safe to guess it would feature a similar configuration to the Mini and Mini+.

The Miyoo Mini Horizontal still features a 2.8 inch screen, a single analogue stick, and a Super Nintendo style button configuration.

If you’ve been following Miyoo news, you know there’s something worrisome in that list of features.

Screen Problems

Miyoo Mini
Source unknown. Found on Twitter @Miyoomini

The most important thing to remember when we are speculating about the release of this device is that Miyoo has not been able to find 2.8 inch screen stock to continue making their Miyoo Mini.

Just a week ago, we saw new images that suggested that we may see the Miyoo Mini coming back, since they had some new screens to test.

But that does not mean that they have found a source of thousands of screens needed to bring back the Mini or introduce a new 2.8 inch device.

Until Miyoo solves their 2.8 inch problem, we will not see the Mini or the Miyoo 282 Horizontal devices.

Miyoo may already be too deep into this rabbit hole to find their way out. So they are surely praying that a stock of 2.8 inch screens will appear.

And really… if you’re a fan of the Mini, or think the new Mini Horizontal looks good, then you want those screens to appear as well.

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