Is The Miyoo Mini Coming Back?

Miyoo Mini

We were recently alerted to some new information coming from Miyoo about their ever so popular Miyoo Mini handheld.

As you may already know, our previous assumptions about this handheld were laid out in our ‘is the miyoo mini dead forever‘ article, and things weren’t looking good.

Miyoo had supply issues with the 2.8 inch screens used in the device, which was possibly going to end its life at the height of its popularity.

But with a small chance of it making a return, is that something we even want? Let’s dig into the details.

Miyoo Mini +

Miyoo’s response to screen supply issues was to create a slightly larger version in the Miyoo Mini +.

This new iteration used a 3.5 inch screen, improved triggers, and a more comfortable fit for those with bigger hands.

I was not very happy with my Mini+ when I received it, because the stock operating system was basically unplayable.

But it was the release of OnionOS that entirely flipped my feelings and redeemed this handheld. Now I actually love it.

But there are many in the emulation community who never had a chance to try out the original Mini and were praying for its return.

Miyoo Mini Returning?

Miyoo Mini
Source unknown. Found on Twitter @Miyoomini

Miyoo seems happy to reply to messages on Aliexpress, so people ask them all of the time if the Mini will ever see a return. 

And Miyoo has repeatedly said that they do hope to bring the Mini back, but it entirely depends on finding a new screen provider.

Well, just yesterday, we saw a photograph sent in of those Aliexpress messsages* that shows a screen test underway.

[*The source of this message and photo are unknown, but it has been shared on Twitter as well as Discord by many.]

As we can see, Miyoo has a bunch of their Minis lined up with what looks like maybe a few different screens.

The colors and brightness in those screens seem varied, which is why we think maybe this is a test of different suppliers. 

This photograph does not confirm that the Mini will return anytime soon, or ever. But it does show that Miyoo is actively working on it.

Our Thoughts

With Miyoo’s ability to produce consoles at a reasonable pace (lack of the ability), don’t hold your breath.

But as per usual, the possibilities are exciting.

Personally, I think the Mini+ is way more appealing than a Mini. And it seems that those are coming at a regular pace now.

But I know the appeal for many is the teeny tiny size of the original Miyoo Mini.

So if you’re still hoping to pick one up, we at least know it’s something Miyoo is actively trying to bring back to life. 

So what do you guys think? Do you have trust in Miyoo after the past year of unreliable information?

And do you want the Mini now that the Mini+ has been released?

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