Miyoo A30 Reportedly Launching In April, Before Popular Mini Flip

miyoo a30

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Miyoo have been working quietly on their latest handheld, long after the release of the popular Miyoo Mini Plus which is one of my favourite retro handhelds of the year.

Back in 2023 Miyoo shared that they were working on a new clamshell handheld, likely called the Miyoo Flip, and they informed their community that this would be the next handheld to launch, but as of now that is not the case.

Miyoo are now releasing the Miyoo A30 before the flip according to Miyoo’s unofficial news Twitter account. The A30 is a Game Boy Micro like mini handheld that is likely not to house much power, but instead give the horizontal handheld fans a unique alternative to the original Miyoo Mini.

It will likely house the exact same screen and specs as the Miyoo Mini too, meaning it will emulate most of your retro games up to and including Playstation 1 games, all in a Nintendo-like form factor that can fit in your pocket.

There have already been complaints about the analogue stick, but me personally I like the addition, it adds a modern touch and gives fans an alternative to the DPAD.

It’s an exciting upcoming product that if priced competitively could turn heads, as the retro handheld scene has slowed down recently, likely due to the Chinese New Year but also because many handheld manufacturers are playing in the “sub $200” category instead.

This launch likely means the Miyoo Flip won’t be released until after April. Miyoo did in fact release a video showcasing the first concept and it looks just like the original concept designs.

I am hoping it matches Miyoo’s build quality standards from their previous devices, as there’s not many other clamshell handhelds to choose from that are sub $100 right now.

Miyoo would be the first to create something that is of great standard in this niche if executed well. I did notice the the DPAD on this device looks uncomfortable to play on, but I will wait until a review sample arrived before judging.

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