New Miyoo Mini Flip Renders Have Us Hyped For The Future

Miyoo Mini Flip

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Exciting new concept images have been making the rounds, getting prospective buyers incredibly hyped for the upcoming Miyoo Mini Flip.

These images got some traction on social media, especially from the Miyoo Mini Stock Alerts (@miyoomini) and Retro Handhelds (@RetroHandhelds) Twitter accounts.

We couldn’t locate the source of the images, though one was credited to the Baidu user Open Source Handheld Bar (@开源掌机吧).

Miyoo Mini Flip
Image Source: Unknown

The addition of the Miyoo logo on the outside of the device seems to point to a fan render. Or it could just be a poor design choice from Miyoo themselves.

The Pikachu themed Miyoo Mini Flip certainly is eye brow raising, as well.

We cannot say for sure whether or not the concept images are real. But we do know that the most recent photos released by Miyoo themselves has us extremely excited for their entry in the Flip category of emulation handhelds.

The Miyoo Mini Flip looks beautiful, scratches that Game Boy Advance SP style clamshell device itch, and should be significantly more powerful than the previous Miyoo handhelds.

Image Source: Miyoo

Following the success of the Miyoo Mini and Mini +, Miyoo surely hopes that their next handheld can catch fire with the same effectiveness.

But we also know that they have been having a lot of trouble locking in a release date; they literally told us they would be sending us one about 4 months ago.

And the latest unofficial release window mentioned by Miyoo via their Aliexpress account is March 2024.

So don’t hold your breath for any Miyoo Christmas miracles. For now, these cute concept images are the best we are gonna’ get for the holidays.

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