Breath Of The Wild Ride: Video of Legend Of Zelda Producer Prompts Theme Park Speculation

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A video of Legend of Zelda Producer Eiji Aonuma has been mysteriously pulled offline prompting speculation that a Legend of Zelda theme park attraction is on the horizon.

Aonuma was filmed alongside Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto at Universal Studios, Orlando. The producer was seen wearing a high-vis vest and hard hat during a tour behind-the-scenes at the world famous amusement park.

It appears that Universal Studios have inadvertently caught Aonuma on camera and his presence at the park was unintentionally revealed.

The video has since disappeared from Instagram, where it was originally posted. Of course, this is the internet and The Legend of Zelda we’re talking about here so fans of the series and theme park aficionados were able to capture a still of Aonuma and Miyamoto before the take down.

The removal of the video has sent fans (and Content Editors) into speculation mode about what a Legend of Zelda theme park would look like.

A Link To The Park

Of course Universal Studios is already home to the Super Mario World theme park attraction in Hollywood with an Orlando version coming soon, so it stands to reason a new area set in the Legend of Zelda’s Hyrule could also be on the cards.

We also know that Donkey Kong is getting his own area in Super Mario World in Japan later this year and that Nintendo and that construction on PokéPark KANTO, a new Pokémon themed amusement park is underway outside of Tokyo.

Perhaps Aonuma was visiting Universal Studios in preparation for a Legend of Zelda theme park ride that links to the upcoming live action movie?

I’d love to experience a tour of Hyrule Castle, or a densely forested Great Hyrule Forest where I can find my own Master Sword.

Alternatively, I’d happily jump on a ride that soars through the air as if I’m plummeting from the sky islands towards Hyrule below.

It’s obviously too early to confirm exactly why the famed producer was hanging out backstage at Orlando, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy theorising about what a Legend of Zelda theme park would look like.

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