PokéPark KANTO Themepark Has Officially Been Announced!

PokéPark KANTO

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PokéPark KANTO, the Pokemon themed amusement park we have been dreaming of, has just been announced by the Pokèmon Company.

The Pokémon Company teamed up with Yomiuri Land Co. and The Yomiuri Shimbun to form a new company, “PokéPark KANTO LLC”, leaving little mystery about their collective goal.

And this new pocket monster themed amusement park is set to break ground at Yomiuri Land just outside of Tokyo very soon.

Unrelated Pokemon Park Projects

PokéPark KANTO
Pokemon Wonder Park

Knowing that the official Pokèmon theme park will come to Yomiuri Land has us thinking about the other Pokemon parks that exist or have been announced.

The Pokèmon WONDER park, for example, is an outdoor attraction that allows visitors to hunt for Pokemon in a natural park environment. This attraction opened in 2021, and is still an active area of Yomiuri Land.

Pokemon Wonder Park

Obviously the relationship between Yomiuri and The Pokèmon Company was a happy one, and they would like to continue as partners for years to come.

Where the WONDER experience is a casual outdoor park, PokèPark is intended to be a full-fledged amusement park, à la Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios.

And speaking of Universal Studios… a Pokèmon themed area had been announced to begin building within Osaka’s Universal Studios location.

PokéPark KANTO
Image Source: Universal Studios Osaka

We have seen several Pokèmon themed events at the park, as well as the addition of familiar characters to the daily “No Limit!” parade. But I’ve found no mention of the addition of brick and mortar attractions.

We also would be remiss if we didn’t mention the 2005 traveling theme park of the same name, PokèPark, that ran for short periods of time in Nagoya, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan.

A New Adventure

PokéPark KANTO

Obviously the new KANTO park aims to take the concept of PokèPark to the next level and deliver a true Pokèmon amusement park for the ages.

With the massive success of the Super Nintendo World concept, and more locations opening around the world, we can see a Pokèmon concept seeing equal success.

We’re surprised that the park is not moving in next door to the Super Nintendo World area of Universal Studios, but obviously Yomiuri Land offered something that Universal could not.

The Yomiuri Land amusement park is located about one hour outside of Tokyo by train, so it would make for an easy jump for tourists and locals alike.

Knowing that the newly established PokéPark KANTO LLC partnership has just been made official, we know that we have several years before a park will start emerging from the groups of Yomiuri Land. So don’t start booking your tickets to Tokyo quite yet.

But this is obviously quite exciting for Pokèmon fans, and it would be incredibly awesome to have a dedicated park where we can be fully immersed in all things Pokèmon.

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