Donkey Kong Country Expansion Swings Into Super Nintendo World in 2024

Can you imagine what it would feel like to run around with DK and the gang, to feel the thrill of racing through mine carts and maybe have time to scoff a banana or two along the way?

Well, thanks to an official announcement by the big wigs at Super Nintendo World yesterday, we now know that a Donkey Kong Country expansion is coming to the park in 2024!

I know, right… just take a minute to let that sink in.

But what does this mean? Are we just going to have a dude dressed up like DK walking around like they do at Disney Land, or is this going to be a full-on expansion where we can actually get stuck into the action like Rambi the Rhino on horn-sharpening day?

Don’t panic, it’s the second one, and here’s everything we know so far!

D.K, Donkey Kong Is Here!

Play Wild with Donkey Kong and Mario at Super Nintendo World
Credit: Nintendo/Nintendo Wire

I couldn’t resist having a bit of the Donkey Kong rap in there, because who knows; we might all be hearing it while wandering through glades of trees while Diddy swings overhead soon!

The confirmation of the official expansion back in 2021 has given us lots to think about over the last couple of years, and plenty of time to complete some of the best Donkey Kong games in the process while we’ve waited.

The main attraction appears to be centred around a Donkey Kong themed roller coaster, though Universal Studios Japan are expected to provide some cool games, shops, and a meet-and-greet in the vicinity.

I hope it’s with Kranky, that guy always makes me laugh!

Mine Cart Madness

I actually created this segment title on the rollercoaster before discovering its name. According to WDWNT, Mine Cart Madness is the rumoured title of the new rollercoaster, which means all of our dreams have come true.

You can even see the carts heading around the track in this Reddit footage, and while it doesn’t look too scary at this point, you can bet it will get some pretty exciting speeds the King K.Rool turns up behind you.

Ok, I made that bit up about King K.Rool, but he’s gotta feature somewhere in this, right?

Apparently the guests will have the illusion of jumping over parts of the old track they’re rolling along, but rest assured Universal won’t be taking any chances with us having to fall into barrel blasters to jump back up into the action.

A Door To A New World

Donkey Kong Country Expansion - door to the new attraction
Credit: WDWNT

Much like in Donkey Kong 64, the door to the new Donkey Kong Country expansion is already there for all to see right under Yoshi’s area in the park, but guests just can’t get in there yet.

Rest assured though, as soon as that door opens an inch, we’ll be kicking our foots into it and sliding on in to get a look at what’s going on.

I wonder how many Golden Bananas we’ll have to collect for the entry fee?

The arrival of DK at Super Mario World is something we’re hugely excited about if you can’t tell already, and it’s prompting us to wonder if any other characters might get a spot at the park soon.

Can you imagine racing through the Waluigi Pinball level on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in real life? Now that would be a rush (and would probably leave us all needing some serious therapy).

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