Anbernic RG-Arc Release Date and Pricing Information Announced

Anbernic RG-Arc Release Date and Pricing

Anbernic has just announced the official release date and pricing for the highly anticipated Sega inspired RG-Arc emulation handhelds.

We are not surprised that Anbernic is launching their sales for the RG-Arc so soon. Usually when they start posting promos, it is a week or two away from the time you can get your purchase in.

What is particularly surprising and impressive is the pricing of their new handhelds. So let’s take a look at what to expect with the early holiday rollout for the RG-Arc.

Anbernic RG-Arc

As we already know, the new Anbernic RG-Arc handhelds are heavily inspired by classic Sega controllers. They look nearly identical to the Sega Saturn controller and the new Retro-Bit Sega Saturn controllers.

We absolutely love this niche device – it’s one of the only recent handheld emulation devices to feature a 4 inch screen and no analogue joysticks.

And this device has a very clear best use case – to play some of the best Sega classics and 2D arcade fighting games on a six-action-button handheld.

Anbernic RG-Ark
Image Source: Anbernic

Both the Dual OS and Single OS models implement a capable RK3566 chipset that will deliver impressive emulation up to 64 bit.

That means you’ll be playing some of the best 2D fighting games on Capcom arcade systems, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and all of the usual retro consoles.

Purchasing Information

Anbernic RG-Arc Release Date and Pricing
Image Source: Anbernic

The single OS version of the RG-Arc, which is available in transparent black and transparent blue, will retail for only $69.99USD. Which is absolutely wild to us.

And the dual OS RG-Arc, which comes in opaque white and opaque black and can implement both Linux and Android 11, retails for $89.99USD.

These arbitrary sale prices are set to increase by $8usd after the pre-sale, which still has the dual OS device under $100.

If you’re looking to get your order in, you can do so on November 9th at 2am PDT on the Anbernic website.

These are a pre-order with purchases expected to be fulfilled on November 20th. By today’s pre-order shipping standards, that’s pretty good.

Ever since the announcement of this new device, we’ve been wildly excited to get our hands on it. And we’re now just a few short weeks away from tearing through some of the best 2d Capcom fighting games and Sonic classics on this sweet new emulator.

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