Delta Has Officially Arrived On The App Store

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The wait is over; Delta has officially arrived on the App Store for Apple users to download. It’s currently sitting on my iPhone as I type this sentence, and we’ve already begun playing some of our favourite GBA games on it!

What a week it’s been so far, and it’s only Wednesday! Last week the creator of Delta Riley Testut announced that the app had been approved by Apple to appear on the App Store, meaning people wouldn’t have to head to the Alt Store anymore to get their hands on it. It sparked a tonne of interest and crossed fingers from gamers all over the globe, leaving us to wait and hold our breath.

Console skins on Delta for the iPhone
NEs & Nintendo DS Gameplay on Delta for iPhone, with amazing skins of the consoles.
Credit: Retro Dodo/Delta

Then iGBA came and went, pulled from the App Store because it copied GBA4iOS code, the app that came out before Delta. For what felt like weeks even though it’s only been a couple of days, it seemed like the emulator rollout might not go as well as we had all thought. Apple clarified that ROMs of Retro Games were allowed which we covered in our article on PPSSPP heading to the App Store, and then Delta dropped into our lives, on our phones, and in our palms for everyone to see.

First Looks At Delta Gameplay On The iPhone

Gameplay of Delta on the iPhone

We’ve been testing it out with Super Mario Bros and Pokemon and loving every second. The controls are perfect, the skins look great when in vertical mode, and we can now carry all of our favourite Game Boy games, NES titles, and other Nintendo classics around with us to play between looking at bus timetables and answering texts from our parents about how to turn the air fryer on.

Of course, as Riley Testut owns the App and created it from scratch, there’s no chance that it’s going to get pulled down for being a clone. We know ROMs are allowed, the App has been certified by Apple, and we’re looking forward to using it for many months to come.

The Alt Store Has Now Hit Europe

Delta’s arrival on the App Store coincides with the PAL version of the AltStore being available for European gamers too. Riley Testut created the Alt Store when Apple previously denied Delta onto the official App Store, and for a time, it’s been the go-to place for third-party apps without having to jailbreak your phone.

Now that Delta has arrived, there are still lots of reasons to check out the Alt Store, but undoubtedly many people will be a lot happier heading to the store they know and feel comfortable with to download Delta.

Head over to the App Store on your phone to get it downloaded and play all of your ROMs to your heart’s content!

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