Provenance Emulator Heading To App Store With SEGA & PlayStation Support

Provenance emulator on the iPhone

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The last few days have been amazing for iPhone users; now that Delta has officially been added to the App Store, Retro Gamers with iPhones (and there are over a billion iPhone users in the world) can finally play their favourite games from older consoles without having to carry another device around with them.

Then we heard the news that PPSSPP was coming to the App Store from the developer himself, and now Provenance is set to follow in their footsteps, bringing with it the ability to play SEGA and PlayStation games.

I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say this is the best time to be a retro gamer, and as long as you send blue iMessage bubbles, you’ll probably agree with me!

The news comes exclusively from an email sent by the creator of Provenance Joseph Mattiello to the team at iMore stating that he is planning a release but is just sorting out some of the finer details in order to ‘adhere to the App Store’s rules’.

Great News For SEGA & Sony Fans

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While Delta is a multi-system emulator, it concentrates solely on Nintendo consoles. That’s fine for a Nintendoid like me, but if you grew up playing SEGA and Sony consoles, then Provenance is going to be your best bet once it arrives.

Gamers can expect to get support for the PS1, and Sega Saturn, as well as the GameCube (I can’t not include a Ninty device in an article!). Joseph Mattiello has also stated that support for PS2 and Dreamcast games is in the works too. This is great news for Joseph who, like Delta creator Riley Testut, has been working to get the emulator available for iPhone users from Jailbreaking times and later onto Testut’s Alt Store.

As of now, we have no date or further information as to when the Provenance emulator will be heading to the App Store and available to download, but the knowledge that it is on its way is good enough for us. One thing I will mention, as I do in all of my emulator articles, is that the downloading of ROMs from the internet is illegal. Still, there are tonnes of indie homebrew games free to download for every console on the internet for you to explore!

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