How To Get Rabsca In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

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As much as we love the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet storylines, most of us are in this game for what we can catch. The rarer the better. 

Well, today I have a rare Bug/Psychic Pokemon you’ll definitely want to get called Rabsca. 

This beetle is impossible to find in the wild, meaning it can be an awkward Pokemon to add to your collection. However, I have the solution to your problem, and it’s a fairly simple one at that.  

Ready to figure out the secret to getting Rabsca? We thought you would be! 

Where To Catch Rellor In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To catch Rellor you need to travel to Asado Desert, just outside of Cascarrafa in West Province (Area One). This is the only location where you can catch Rellor. 

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you how to catch Rellor, it’s because you can’t get Rabsca without it. As I said before, Rabsca isn’t in the wild and so you need to evolve Rellor to get it. 

But you can’t just level up Rellor, you need to put in more effort than that. 

How To Evolve Rellor Into Rabsca

You need to enter Let’s Go Mode with Rellor and have it walk 1,000 steps, then level it up. 

The issue here is that Let’s Go Mode doesn’t count the number of steps you’ve done, so you have to guess. If you used our guide to learn how to evolve Pawmo you’ll know this process well. 

Also, you can’t just reach that number for the evolution to trigger – you need to walk that many steps before levelling up Rellor. 

I levelled up my Rellor using the Rare Candy I had stashed in my Bag. However, you can also achieve the same results by getting EXP during battles. 

You’ll know if you’ve done it right because Rellor will hit its next level and the evolution cutscene will trigger. If it doesn’t, this means you haven’t walked enough steps yet. In total, I walked for a good 5-10 minutes, just to be sure. 

It’s also worth mentioning that if you move too far away from Rellor while it’s in Let’s Go Mode, it’ll return to its ball and the whole process needs to start again. 

My advice is to take baby steps.

When my Rellor evolved into Rabsca at Level 27 it learnt Revival Blessing, a Normal type move that only has 1 PP. But the beauty of this move is that it revives one fallen Party member to half its health. I don’t know about you, but I consider that a move worth learning. 

Now you have Rabsca, are you curious what other rare Pokemon you can get? If so, check out Retro Dodo’s how to get Eevee article. While you’re there, make sure to check the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift codes to get your hands on x100 Rare Candy! 

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