How To Get Eevee In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

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Everyone loves Eevee. Even people who don’t play Pokemon think it’s unbearably adorable. 

But in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet it’s pretty difficult to catch. In fact, during my hours and hours of gameplay I’ve only entered one in the wild once, and I made the fatal error of fainting it. 

If you want to get your hands on Eevee the easy way (like, who doesn’t?) you will want to play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet from Friday 25th until Monday 28th November.

This is because the game is holding its first Tera Raid Battle Event, aptly titled Eevee Spotlight!

How To Catch Eevee In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To get Eevee outside of the Eevee Spotlight Event you need to head to South Province (Area Two) and/or West Province (Area Three). 

If you want to improve your chances of meeting Eevee, set up a Picnic and create the Master BTL or Ham Sandwich to increase your Normal type Encounter Power.

How To Evolve Eeeve In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

If you want to evolve your Eevee you will need to use a specific stone, or you will need to have a high Friendship Level. 

For specifics, please read the below list:

  • Vaporeon – Use a Water Stone
  • Leafeon – Use a Leaf Stone
  • Jolteon – Use a Thunder Stone
  • Glaceon – Use an Ice Stone
  • Flareon – Use a Fire Stone
  • Umbreon – High friendship without knowing Fairy type moves, then evolve it at night
  • Espeon – High friendship without knowing Fairy type moves, then evolve during the day
  • Sylveon – High friendship with Fairy type moves, then evolve

Obtaining most of these stones are easy thanks to Delibird Presents, a shop that allows you to buy crucial items at an affordable price. 

However, the list of available items is locked until you beat a certain number of gyms, e.g. you need to beat three gyms for the Thunder Stone to appear. 

You can also find stones out in the wilderness, just look out for glowing Pokeballs. 

How To Catch Eevee During The Tera Raid Event

From 11am Friday 25th until 11am Monday 28th Eevee is more likely to spawn during Tera Raid Battles, and will have various Tera Types available. Look for Tera Raid symbols on your map that are glowing to find Eevee specific locations. 

That’s right, you could get an Eevee that isn’t just a Normal type.

Considering that when you evolve Eevee into one of its eight evolutions it loses its Normal type classification, this is incredibly exciting news. 

The possibilities are seemingly endless!

But before you rush to get your Switch and start searching, you need to make sure you’ve downloaded the latest Poke Portal News.

How To Download Poke Portal News 

Open the Menu using the X Button and select Poke Portal, then select Mystery Gift. Finally, choose Check Poke Portal News for the latest updates. 

This doesn’t cost you anything – you don’t need a Nintendo Online Pass for this, you just need to be connected to wifi. 

If you want to do some Tera Raids with friends online you will need to have an online pass for that. However, as far as we know you can enter into these Tera Raids alone, just like normal. 

And that’s it. Now you know everything you need to know about Eevee and the ‘Eevee Spotlight’ Tera Raid Event. 

For details on other exclusives head to our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift codes list. And if you want to practice battling ready for this event, then be sure to use the how to beat Giacomo walkthrough as a warm-up. 

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