How To Evolve Pawmo Into Pawmot In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

how to evolve pawmo

Pawmi is an incredibly popular Pokemon with Scarlet and Violet, the adorable nature makes every new gamer as the question: how do I get Pawmi?

If you’re lucky enough to get one and have trained it well to level 18, you’ll be lucky enough to have Pawmo on your team, a thick armed electric Pokemon ready to cause havoc.

But evolving Pawmo isn’t as easy as it seems, but don’t worry, I have you covered.

How to evolve Pawmo in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

how to evolve pawmo into pawmot

To evolve Pawmo into Pawmot you need to release Pawmo into the “Let’s Go” mode, and walk 1,000 steps with it by your side. Once done, level Pawmo up using EXP or a rare candy and it will evolve into Pawmot.

An odd way to level up a Pokemon, I know but its simple and effective. This process should take no longer than 15/20 minutes to do 1,000 steps.

Unfortunately there’s no way to track your steps using a pedometer, but if you run around for 15 minutes and then level Pawmo up, you’ll be lucky enough to be greeted with Pawmot.

pawmo 1000 steps

Just remember to not run to fast away from Pawmo, as it will go back into your Pokeball which doesn’t count towards your steps. Pawmo must be out of the Pokeball.

Pawmot will also learn a new move called “Revival Blessing” and the desciption of this move is: “the user bestows a loving blessing, reviving a party Pokemon that has fainted and restoring half that Pokemon’s max HP”.

This move is incredibly powerful and will undoubtedly help you out when fighting gyms or battling titans.

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