How To Get Kingambit In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

From the moment I saw Kingambit, I knew I had to get one. 

Much like my quest to discover how to get Roaring Moon, I needed to figure out where this Pokemon called home. Sadly, my Pokedex kept saying “Habitat unknown”.

This meant I was going to need to evolve my Bisharp instead. But the question was how? Kingambit is a new evolution introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, meaning even veteran trainers like myself are stumbling in the dark with this one.

A Steel/Dark type, Kingambit is as powerful as it is opposing, its striking silhouette sure to invoke fear in the heart’s of your opponents. 

So, with all these impressive hallmarks of a formidable Pokemon, how do you actually get it? Well, our journey takes us all the way to North Province (Area Two)…

Where To Catch Kingambit In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

Unlike the occasional fluke with how to get Spiritomb, Kingambit can’t be found in the wild. Instead, you need to catch a Bisharp in North Province (Area One).

The Bisharp you battle needs to be surrounded by Pawniards – don’t bother otherwise. This is because you need to find a Bisharp holding a Leader’s Crest.

You can’t get Kingambit without this item.

So, although you can also catch a Pawniard and evolve it into Bisharp at Level 52, that’s a lot of unnecessary effort when you’ll still need to catch a Bisharp with a crest.

But, just in case you want to make things more difficult for yourself, you can find Pawniard at these locations:

  • North Province (Area One)
  • Poco Path Lighthouse
  • South Province (Area Five)
  • South Province (Area Three)

I’d also like to point out that catching a Bisharp holding a Leader’s Crest will be difficult – I’ve caught Legendary Pokemon with less Ultra Balls! It’s like the game knows you need it, so it plays hard to get.

How To Evolve Bisharp Into Kingambit

Catch a Bisharp holding a Leader’s Crest, then have your Bisharp challenge three other Bisharps whilst holding this item. After defeating three opponents, level it up to trigger evolution. 

Before you rush off to challenge every Bisharp you see, be warned that any old Bisharp won’t do. Just like when you were searching for one holding the crest, you need to challenge Bisharps leading a pack of Pawniards. 

They appear often in the bamboo thicket of North Province (Area One). Thank goodness something about this is simple.

However, after you beat one, you’ll have to wait for another pack to respawn. It roughly took me 15-20 minutes to find and defeat all three.

After the battles are done, you can either level up the traditional way during battles, or give your Bisharp a Rare Candy. I did the latter.

Please say it isn’t just me who now feels like the name Bisharp sounds wrong? I’ve typed and said it so much it just feels weird. Still, at least we now have one!

If you fancy getting other rare Pokemon, I’d suggest you work out how to reach Area Zero and find yourself some Paradox Pokemon. They’re a lot easier to get than Kingambit, I assure you.

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