How To Unlock The Map And Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers

unlock fast travel sonic frontiers

Maps and map reading has never been a priority in Sonic games… until now. 

Sonic Frontiers is changing the game by blending together old with the new, meaning there’s plenty of new features to figure out. One of which is the map. 

You’ll need to refer to the map often because Sonic Frontiers introduces five different open world terrains to navigate, each with their own set of tasks. 

The only problem with this is that the maps are fragmented, with large portions completely missing – your task is to fill in the blanks. If you don’t you won’t be able to fast travel, which isn’t exactly convenient for the quickest hedgehog in the world! 

But worry not, while you have a lot of work ahead of you, piecing together the map is a fun way to discover all the secrets of each Sonic Frontiers island. 

So, pick up your compass and let’s get exploring! 

How To Unlock The Map In Sonic Frontiers

To unlock the map in Sonic Frontiers you need to complete map challenges. These challenges come in the form of switch activation puzzles – locate the switches, activate them, and a new part of the map will be revealed. 

As easy-peasy as that sounds, each switch is unique. Some will activate simply by stepping on them, like the very first challenge you encounter, while others demand you make use of Sonic’s abilities. 

For example, when you unlock the Cyloop ability you’ll soon find a map challenge that requires you to blow out a trio of lit braziers. Whether you snuff them out one at a time or altogether is totally up to you, you just need to get the job done.

Bear in mind that map challenges get more taxing the further you progress in the game, with some even forcing you to race against time. 

How To Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers

To fast travel in Sonic Frontiers you need to clear all map challenges. This will create portals you can then select and fast travel to with ease. When fast travelling between different islands (also referred to as zones) choose the ‘switch maps’ option.

If you’ve yet to unlock fast travel, you can use ancient rails to move about more freely instead. As fast as Sonic is – and he can go faster if you read our how to change speed settings in Sonic Frontiers guide – there’s too much open world to rely on feet alone. 

Consider ancient rails the happy medium.

Although not as fast as fast travel, it’s better than simply running everywhere. Plus, riding ancient rails looks much cooler than teleporting from one area of the map to another. 

And there you have it! Now you know how to unlock the map and fast travel, very snazzy.

Should you need help in other areas of Sonic Frontiers, why not have a read of our handy how to parry in Sonic Frontiers article? It’s ideal for inexperienced fighters. 

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