How To Parry In Sonic Frontiers

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We all know Sonic has a need for speed – it’s part of the reason we love him so much, and why he always features in articles like the best retro games on the Nintendo Switch

But did you know Sonic is a fan of parrying too? In fact, if you don’t parry in Sonic Frontiers you’ll be losing rings left, right, and centre. 

Dealing with enemies is nothing new to this swift footed hedgehog, he’s been fighting his way through bad guys since he first landed on our screens 31 years ago. It comes with the territory of being the hero. 

However, in Sonic Frontiers enemies aren’t just lurking on speedways, they’re also out in the big, wide world as well. Not only does this make fighting more frequent, it also means countering attacks is vital. It’s a matter of life and death. 

If you’re struggling to ward off enemies read on to learn how to parry effectively, and save Sonic from falling to the floor in a shower of coins. 

How To Parry Enemies In Sonic Frontiers

To parry an enemy attack you need to press the L and R bumpers on your controller simultaneously. 

It really is that simple.

Still, while the controls aren’t fiddly, parrying can be tricky to nail every time when a series of adversaries attack all at once. This is where targeting becomes paramount. By locking onto a target you can easily anticipate their movements, which is great when continuously parrying (we’ll explain this shortly). 

If you’ve already forgotten how to target, which is easily done with the fast pace of the game, it’s as easy as pressing the Y button

You can’t possibly get it wrong because a little cursor appears to let you know you can lock-on to something, be that an enemy or a spring. 

How To Continuous Parry In Sonic Frontiers

To perform a continuous parry in Sonic Frontiers you need to hold the L and R bumpers without letting go. 

Again, it’s an easy set of controls to get to grips with while you’re playing in the tutorial, but during combat it can be tough to remember your timing. 

Fortunately, you can parry at any time during the fight, even if the enemy hasn’t launched an attack. Still, for players hardwired to be reactive rather than proactive, it’s good to have these little refreshers. 

If in doubt, make the most of the loading screen simulator. This handy sandbox allows you to run through all the controls at a more relaxed pace, though Sonic Frontiers will still score your efficiency (thanks for reminding me I’m bad at this). 

You see, parrying in Sonic Frontiers is pretty straightforward!

All you need to remember is what to press, and to keep a clear head. But if the game is still feeling too fast for you in general, you can learn how to change the speed in our how to change the speed settings in Sonic Frontiers article

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