How To Reach Stage 1-7 In Sonic Frontiers

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If you’re already struggling with the puzzles in Sonic Frontiers you’re not alone. 

The game throws you into a whole new world then leaves you to figure it out on your own – there’s ability and movement tutorials, but they’ll only get you so far. Though we can help in that department too, just go read our how to parry in Sonic Frontiers walkthrough

As for puzzling puzzles, one that’s stumped a lot of people is how to reach Stage 1-7 on Kronos Island. 

A lonely tower in the distance, it seems impossible to reach, taunting us as we wistfully look on. Even if you’ve read our how to change the speed settings in Sonic Frontiers article, speed won’t help you now. You need solutions. 

Luckily for you, we have that solution. And it comes without having to rage quit or fall into the frothing seas below (we endured that hardship for you).

If you’re ready to reach Stage 1-7 in Sonic Frontiers, finally, then let’s not wait a second longer!

How To Reach Stage 1-7 In Sonic Frontiers

To reach Stage 1-7 you need to create a rail using the three poles in the ground (they form a triangular shape). Select the pole at the point of the triangle by pressing the “y button” and connect it to the left-hand pole; this will create a straight, yellow line. Then activate the glowing switch by pressing y. 

This creates a rail that takes you to an island located next to Stage 1-7. There you will find another pole puzzle; connect the two poles and activate the switch. A rail will form from Stage 1-7 to the main body of Kronos Island. 

Travel back to the first switch and deactivate it, before connecting the left-hand pole with the taller right-hand pole. Trigger the switch again and a rail will form that meets the Stage 1-7 rail. 

If you get the puzzle right it will look like the screenshot below.

Please keep in mind that the rails you create don’t touch one another, meaning you’ll need to jump from one to another before falling off the end. Be warned, it might take a couple of tries (unless it’s just me that’s bad with these controls). 

Once you reach Stage 1-7, be sure to activate the button on the ground because it unlocks a spring back on the main body of the island, thus making your next trip to Stage 1-7 much easier. 

We know that felt like a lot, but it’s done and dusted now. And better yet, you’ve reached one of the trickiest Stages on Kronos Island! Congratulations, that’s another map marker ticked off the list!

Speaking of the map, if you’re unsure how to fully unlock it we have a how to unlock the map and fast travel in Sonic Frontiers guide. Believe me when I say it’ll make your playthrough a lot easier and quicker. 

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