How To Climb In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

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Wow, the Paldea region is stunning but vast.

Teeming with new and familiar Pokemon alike, the landscape has rugged mountains, deep waters, and intriguing architecture just begging to be investigated. 

The only problem is, we can’t reach everywhere at the beginning. Although we have our trusty mounts, Koraidon/ Miraidon, they aren’t ready to handle every obstacle Paldea throws at them… Yet. 

If you’ve been following our how to Surf and how to Glide in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet articles so far, then you know the drill by now.

You’re welcome to uncover all these developments by yourself, but if you fancy company along the way then we’re ready, willing, and eagerly waiting. And with that, it’s time to finally scale those cliffs that have been teasing us since we started the game. 

How To Climb In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To climb in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you need to defeat all five Titans in Path of Legends. You’ll likely face Dondozo the False Dragon Titan last, found at Casseroya Lake.

At this stage in the game, you’ve likely noticed a pattern to these upgrades we keep mentioning: you have to face Titans, beat them, give Koraidon/Miraidon a sandwich, then boom! Upgrades unlocked. 

As for what climbing unlocks in Paldea, you and your mount can now scale pretty much anything, with one notable exception: buildings.

Sadly, there’s some surfaces our Pokemon just won’t tackle. Still, cliffs, mountains, even ledges just out reach, they’re now all within your grasp. This is ideal for those curious about where to find the Blue Stakes that myth says unlock Legendary Pokemon…

Thank goodness we can now climb!

We really hope our guide has proven helpful. And, as always, we have plenty of other guides available if you have a different Pokemon related problem you need to solve, like the latest Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift codes.

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