How To Beat Tulip (Alfornada Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Taking on the Gym Leaders in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet can be tricky, not least of all because we have the freedom to decide who to face first. 

For some of you, you’ll have already beaten Tulip. However, for those who’ve saved her for your eighth and last gym, I’m here to guide you to victory. 

A lover of Psychic type Pokemon, Tulip is especially dangerous to those who favour Fighting and Poison types. This is why you need to think smart and face her using Dark, Ghost or Bug type Pokemon. 

But before any battles can take place you have to complete the Alfornada Gym Challenge (yes, there’s no exceptions in this game), and it’s a little like the 90s game Bop It!

How To Complete The Emotional Spectrum Practice

I thought I’d seen it all in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, then the game throws this curveball of a Gym Challenge! 

The Emotional Spectrum Practice, aka ESP, is all about copying what you see. With some battles thrown in for good measure. 

Leave the gym and head to the training grounds next door. There you will meet Dendra, Tulip’s right-hand woman, who will explain that you need to let out your most powerful emotions. 

But because this is a challenge, you need to follow the prompts and complete it within the allotted time. 

Once the first round is complete, you’ll then face Gym Trainer Emily. 

Emily uses:

  • Gothorita – Level 43 (Psychic)
  • Kirlia – Level 43 (Psychic/Fairy)

Beat Emily and you’ll enter into another round of Pokemon Bop It, with you needing to once again select the right emotional responses. Only this round is much quicker. 

Assuming you pass that with flying colours, you’ll now battle Gym Trainer Rafael. 

Rafael uses:

  • Grumpig – Level 43 (Psychic)
  • Medicham – Level 43 (Fighting/Psychic)
  • Indeedee – Level 43 (Psychic/Normal)

Win this battle and the ESP will conclude. We’re not sure if we enjoyed it or not, but it doesn’t matter because we can now face Tulip! 

What Pokemon Does Tulip Use?

  • Farigiraf – Level 44 (Normal/Psychic)
  • Espathra – Level 44 (Psychic)
  • Gardevoir – Level 44 (Psychic/Fairy)
  • Florges – Level 45 (Fairy with Psychic Tera Type)

How To Beat Tulip In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To walk away the victor you need to use Bug, Ghost or Dark type Pokemon; Lokix is a good choice, and can be easily found in North Province (Area Two). 

If you’ve already beaten Grusha using my how to beat Grusha guide, then this battle is going to be super easy. 

I used Pokemon types to my advantage, but I wouldn’t say I was reliant on them. Tinkaton was my main girl thanks to her Bug type move Skitter Smack, though my Vaporeon was just as good despite neither being at an advantage or disadvantage. 

Tulip Gym Leader Rewards

When you beat Tulip she will give you TM120 Psychic, a move that damages by using a strong telekinetic force. 

You’ll also get that final Gym Badge, as well as the sweet knowledge that Pokemon of any level will now obey you. Obviously, if this isn’t your last gym then the level limit will differ. 

Now you can take on the Pokemon League! In case you weren’t aware of that, Geeta and Nemona will arrive at the gym to remind you. 

To prepare, why not get some exclusive items from the current Pokemon Scarlet & Violet mystery gift codes. And do be sure to use our how to get Dragonite guide to stock up on some powerful Pokemon – you’ll need ‘em. 

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