How To Beat Katy (Cortondo Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Let’s be honest, as much as we’re all dying to uncover every Paldea region secret, what a lot of us want to do is be the very best. And that means beating Gym Leaders. 

Of course, by all means stop off for a quick style refresh on the way, using our how to change your hairstyle guide. Just don’t take too long because there’s battling to be done! 

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet you’re free to choose which gym to visit first, though the game does offer recommendations. For your first gym badge it suggests you visit Katy at Cortondo Gym. 

Specialising in Bug type Pokemon, Katy is a surprisingly robust challenge. But before you can even face her you have to complete the Cortondo Gym Challenge

If you feel in good enough shape to defeat a Gym Leader, it’s time to learn how to beat Katy. 

How To Complete The Olive Roll Challenge

As the name suggests, this challenge involves rolling. 

But not just any rolling, olive rolling. It’s time for the Olive Harvest Festival in Cortondo, and they’re looking for some free labourers to help speed up the process – that’s you, by the way. 

Head to the maze marked on your map and speak with the gym representative; confirm you’re ready to begin and you’ll enter the maze. 

Before you is a GIANT olive. Seriously, it’s huge.

You need to roll it through the twists and turns of the maze to the basket at the end. The maze isn’t that long, but you can open up shortcuts by beating the gym trainers along the way. They don’t pose much of a threat, having only one Pokemon each. 

Once they’re down, roll the olive into the basket. And make sure it touches the back of the basket. Trust me when I say I learnt the hard way that hitting the back of the net is crucial in triggering the “YOU PASSED” cutscene. 

Now that’s over with, it’s time to (finally) face Katy! 

What Pokemon Does Katy (Cortondo Gym Leader) Use?

  • Nymble – level 14 (Bug type)
  • Tarountula – level 14 (Bug type)
  • Teddiursa – level 15 (Normal type, with bug Tera type)

How To Beat Katy In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The surefire way to beat Katy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is to use Flying or Fire type Pokemon like Starly and Growlithe.

A Ghost type will also help in this fight, especially when battling Teddiursa. To help find one why not use our how to get Gimminghoul article? However, with Teddiursa’s Tera type being Bug, your first choice should still be Flying and/or Fire. 

If you don’t have any of those types in your party, you can win by using a Water type like Azurill (which is what I did). But, while that can work, Teddiursa’s Teralized Fury Cutter is brutal. It hits hard. And it often attacks first. 

Smart use of Quick Attack during this battle wouldn’t go amiss either. Nor would having Potions, Super Potions, and Revive. 

Yes, Katy is the recommended first Gym Leader, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. Unlike in Pokemon Sword & Shield, these Gym Leaders put up more of a fight. 

Katy Gym Leader Rewards

Now you’ve completed Cortondo Gym you can enjoy the spoils of victory. Katy will give you Pounce (TM21), a Bug type physical move that reduces the opponents speed. 

In addition to this, Pokemon up to level 25 will now obey you. However, if this is your second gym then Pokemon under level 30 will obey. 

You’ve done it! Yay!

No matter if this is your first or second win, the sweet smell of success never gets old!

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