How To Get Gimmighoul In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (The Easy Way)

how to get gimmighoul in pokemon scarlet violet

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Gimmighoul is a very unique Pokemon and was revealed very early on, before the game was even release through trailers and reveals on their official website.

Through my gaming experience I have come across many encounters with Gimmighouls, but only one (so far) that I could catch, making it a guide worthy article.

Don’t worry i’ll show you how to catch a Gimmighoul with ease, it just may require some patience.

Where To Catch Gimmighoul In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


A catchable Gimmighoul is revealed at random across the Paldea region, the best and fastest way to find one in a chest is by discovering ruins and towers. They appear here typically in normal form, but you may get lucky and find it in chest form which you can catch.

I know that’s a very vague answer, but if you’re patient and keep discovering ruins you will eventually come across one.

The map location above is where we found a Gimmighoul in a chest that we eventually caught. It was at the top of a giant tower that can be climbed. This tower was located west of Artazon and east of Mesagoza just before the Cliff Titan.

It’s a Pokemon that cannot be damaged with any type of attack, so all you can do is quite literally catch it. There was no extra reward for catching it either, it was added to the Pokedex.

When we check the data in “habitat” it states that the habitat is unknown, solidifying our evaluation that it can only be caught at random when visiting ruins.

This obviously makes it quite tricky to find, but simply playing the game and going off the beaten track will increase your chances of catching a Gimmighoul.

gimmighoul battle

Gimmighoul will attack back, even though its not that powerful.

You may find Gimighoul’s not in a chest throughout your exploration and unfortunately these cannot be caught, after pressing A on it, it simply runs away.

But these are the exact locations that you will find them, it’s just randomly generated as to where they spawn “catchable”, I was just very lucky that it was on my third appearance.

Its Roaming Form (when it’s out of its Chest) can only be caught in Pokemon Go.

Gimminghoul can also evolve into Gholdengo, though it’s not an easy task. If you want tips on how to get Gholdengo you should read our guide for all the details.

gimmighoul location 2

Further into my exploration around Paldea, I found another catchable Gimmighoul, again on top of an abandoned tower. This time it was located South East of Levincia on the cliff edge nearest to the island to the east.

It was waiting for me in chest form at the top of the ladder with a rare candy behind it, how lucky!

We will update this article with more successful locations when we find them.

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