How To Beat Giacomo (Dark Crew Leader) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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So many of us, myself included, have been super focused on beating the eight Gym Leaders. Hopefully by using our how to beat Brassius and how to beat Iono guides along the way.

But what about the Team Star Bosses? 

Ah, I thought you might have been neglecting them. That’s okay, it’s unusual to be able to decide what order we tackle the Pokemon storylines in. 

If taking down Team Star isn’t a priority for you, we get it, however you do have to face them eventually. And besides, they’re a fun change of pace to the predictable format of Pokemon Gyms. 

There are five Crew Bosses to face, with each one presenting a different Pokemon Type.

If you’re thinking strategically to play to your strengths, the first Boss on your list should be Giacomo, the Dark Crew Leader. 

Where To Find The Dark Crew Base

Travel to West Province (Area One), just south of Cascarrafa, to locate the Dark Crew Base (also known as Segin Squad). 

The moment you’re in the right area you’ll start to see lots of large flags pop up across the landscape – these are a surefire sign you’re in the right area. 

As soon as you get close enough to the Base’s front gates, a cutscene will begin. 

You’ll receive a phone call from Cassiopeia, the unknown name behind Operation Starfall. During this conversation a strangely familiar looking man, by the name of Clive, will interrupt and offer his assistance. 

Once you’ve guessed that it’s actually Director Clavell in disguise, you’ll proceed to challenge one of the two Team Star Grunts guarding the door. Unless you face them at an incredibly low level, this Grunt should go down easy.

Now you’ve bested them, it’s time to tackle the horde of Grunts awaiting you on the other side. Are you ready?

Begin A Star Barrage

To begin a Star Barrage you need to send out your Pokemon using the R bumper. Your chosen team then need to defeat 30 Team Star Pokemon within 10 minutes. 

If you’ve been using the “Let’s Go” mode since the beginning of the game, this setup will feel very familiar. However, for those who haven’t used it yet, this mode allows your Pokemon to battle without you.

If your team gets hurt during battle stop by one of the many vending machines inside the Base to heal them.

Please note that you can only use your first three Pokemon during a Star Barrage so make sure to choose wisely before you enter the base. 

I used a Murkrow, Gengar, and Pawmo, mainly because they were my three highest levels at the time. Granted, they weren’t the best choices based on types, but they still got the job done without issue. 

To keep track of your progress, your score out of 30 is clearly displayed at the top of the screen at all times. Reach 30 within the 10 minute time slot to finish the task, leaving the Grunts to scramble around in a panic.

What Pokemon Does Giacomo Use?

  • Pawniard – Level 21 (Dark/Steel)
  • Segin Starmobile – Level 20 (Dark)

How To Beat Giacomo In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

To beat Giacomo the easy way you need to use Bug, Fairy or Fighting type Pokemon. Tarountula would be a good choice, especially because you can catch it very early on in the game in South Province (Area One and Area Four). 

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is a tough battle due to the size of the Giacomo’s Segin Starmobile – as long as you’re a similar or higher level, and use type advantages, you’ll breeze through this fight.

The only move that can prove fatal quite quickly is Wicked Torque, but that’s only if you use Pokemon weak to Dark types (like Ghost or Psychic). So, basically if you do what I did…!

Giacomo Dark Crew Leader Rewards

Giacomo will reward you with TM62 Foul Play, a Dark type move that uses your opponent’s Attack Stats to calculate damage. 

In addition to TM62 you’ll also get a photo and badge for beating Giacomo, just like when you beat Gym Leaders and Titans.

As you leave the Base Cassiopeia will call you to congratulate you on a job well done, though they seem sad at how far Team Star have fallen. We sense they know more than they’re letting on…

However, you don’t get to investigate this further because they quickly change the topic by awarding you 5,000 LP. You’ll also receive a package of Pokemon Materials from Penny, the girl you saved from Team Star outside the Academy earlier on. 

With another victory under your belt why not use my how to take selfies article to commemorate the moment. And be sure to check the mystery gift codes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to avoid missing any exclusives. 

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