How To Beat Iono (Levincia Gym) In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

how to beat iono

Iono is the streamer gym leader of Levinicia, a vibrant, energetic gym leader that uses Electric Pokemon to paralyse its opponents.

She uses a wide number of different Pokemon, and uses a Tera Form to really cause some serious damage.

Before you face Iono she will provide you with a challenge called “Find Mr Walksabout”, so we’re going to help you with that so you can defeat Iono faster.

Where To Find Mr Walksabout

Iono will ask you to find Mr Walksabout, also known as Clavell using CCTV cameras. Unfortunately you can’t zoom in, but we’re here to help.

In the first CCTV challenge, Mr Walksabout can be found sat on his own towards the right hand side of the screen.

In the second CCTV challenge, Mr Walksabout can be found behind the counter at the Pokemon Center.

In the third and final CCTV challenge, Mr Walksabout can be found sitting on the boat in the river on the right hand side of the screen.

Use the image above to help find him.

What Pokemon does Iono Use?

Iono uses a total of three different Pokemon, these are:

  • Wattrel – Level 23 (Electric/Flying)
  • Bellibolt – Level 23 (Electric)
  • Luxio – Level 23 (Electric)
  • Mismagius – Level 24 (Ghost With Electric Tera Type)

How To Beat Iono

The easiest way to beat Iono, the Levencia Gym Leader, is by using a Rock type Pokemon to battle her first three Pokemon with paralyse heals as backups, and then switching to a Dark or Ghost type to counter her Tera Misamagius.

I personally used Naclstack, evolved from Nacli to defeat Wattrel easily (after using a paralyse heal), I then used it to eventually defeat Belibolt, but needed to withdraw it when Iono released Luxio.

Luxio is a straight Electric type, so using another rock type Pokemon or healing your Naclstack will certainly help.

iono gym battle tera form

Before i jumped into battle with Iono’s Mismagius I know I had to use this time to fully heal Naclstack, so I did this while battling Luxio.

Then when Iono pulls out her final Pokemon I used Naclstack’s tera form to boost its rock type moves. When Mismagius tera forms it gets Electric and Ghost type moves, so at least i wouldn’t be hit badly from her unknown electric moves.

Although this wasn’t the best match up, i did eventually beat her using my Grafaiai evolved from Shroodle. But I advise pulling out a dark or ghost type Pokemon to battle her from the start

Iono Gym Leader Rewards

Iono will reward with you TM48 also known as Volt Switch, an electric type moved that allows you to change your Pokemon after hitting the enemy.

If this is your third gym badge, you will now be able t control and catch Pokemon up to level 35.

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