House Of The Dead 2: Remake Coming To Nintendo Switch

house of the dead 2 gameplay

It seems that Nintendo isn’t quite done with announcing remakes for the Nintendo Switch just yet, though the latest remake to be discovered definitely doesn’t sit on par with the recent offerings from Ninty HQ. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve had more remakes and remasters than ever before announced for Nintendo’s hybrid hero, with everyone from Gex to Donkey Kong getting in on the HD makeover treatment. Still, seeing Zombies in HD might be enough to put some of you off your dinner, though I imagine most of you out there will relish the idea of seeing House of the Dead 2: Remake heading to your sweaty palms.

The ESRB, which stands for the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, has posted a new entry and subsequent rating for The House of the Dead 2: Remake, all but announcing that the game is almost ready to drop. Rated Mature 17+, expect blood, gore, and violence, everything that fans of the game will want by the bucketload.

Credit: ESRB

The ‘Remake’ part is important as it implies that we’re going to be getting a remade title rather than just an HD remaster. If the House of the Dead: Remake is anything to go by, then it’ll be pant-wettingly frightening and a game that I’ll leave Brandon and the others to play.

As the description on the listing shows, players navigate Venice from a first-person view while gunning down zombies. Any game that uses ‘decapitation or dismemberment’ is one that definitely needs a Mature rating, and it certainly won’t be one for the faint of heart.

You don’t tend to associate the Nintendo Switch with brutal games like this; even the arrival of their Mature 17+ category on the Switch Online service seemed like an unexpected intruder at someone else’s party. Still, there’s definitely a market for more adult-orientated games on the Switch, and if you relax by hearing screams of terror and the sound of blood splattering on Venetian shutters, then this is the Remake for you!

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