Limited Run Game Reveals Gex Trilogy On Switch, PS5, Xbox & PC

gex trilogy

Limited Run Games did not hold back on todays livestream, revealing many retro gaming remakes including Beyond Good & Evil and now the one and only Gex Trilogy!

They teased a Gex announcement in their last livestream a few months ago, but gamers didn’t know exactly what they were getting until today.

LRG showed off a bunch of gameplay, alongside new voice overs for the trailer, what it did show was the first three original games all compacted onto one disc/cartridge ready for modern hardware.

This trilogy includes Gex which launched on the 3DO in 1994 but was ported to Playstation 1 and the SEGA Saturn too. There’s also Gex: Enter The Gecko launched on the Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, GBA ad PC in 1998. Then finally the trilogy features Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko that launched in 1999/2000.

Three incredible games getting the physical love on modern hardware as it should.

Limited Run Game has said that pre-orders will go live in Fall 2024, meaning no official release date so it could slither its way into 2025, but we can wait!

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