Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner Keeps Your Home Fresh And Ghostless

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If your flat smells weird, or you wanna’ relax, you know you gonna’ need this Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner!

Let’s get one thing straight; everyone likes their home to smell nice. You might tell everyone that you’re a hardcore gamer who doesn’t need fancy-pants smells, but deep down you love the scent of a nice berry candle or an incense stick just as much as the next person.

If you’re a regular Retro Dodo Reader, then you’ll know how much we love the 80s and the iconic 80s toys that defined the era. And nothing, and I mean NOTHING encapsulates the 1980’s quite like Ghostbusters.

Our incredible friends over at Numskull, the creators of the ever-popular TUBBZ cosplaying rubber ducks, have created one of the best gadgets for your homes that we’ve ever come across!

The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner is a must-have for Ghostbusters fans, especially the ones who live with stinky ghosts… or stinky partners, children… you get the idea!

Checking Out The Official
Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner!

Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner - Right Side

Check it out in all its glory! The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner is the ultimate way to fill your home with class 5 full-roaming vapours (the good kind) while locking away nasty spirits in a cocoon of sandalwood, lavender, or white sage.

Designed and engineered by Numskull, this incense burner is an official Ghostbusters product.

And while we don’t recommend running around a shopping mall trying to capture spirits with it, it certainly adds a decent dollop of nerdy brilliance to any living space.

How Does The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner Work?

Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner - left side with logo

If any readers have never watched the Ghostbusters films, then this might be a little bit confusing.

Still, you really should go back and watch them right now. I mean, COME ON, what have you been doing with your life so far!

Ahem… where was I?

This premium high-quality plastic incense burner is a replica of the Ghost Trap used in the films. For any Ghostbusters fans out there, this is the ultimate collectable, the jewel in the ghostly horde, so to speak!

The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner utilises a hinged lid, giving users easy access to an incense holder inside. Simply place an incense cone in the slot, preferable a scent that ghosts love, and sit back as the fragrant smoke floats out!

Fantastic Smells Without The Phantoms

The incense burner is designed to create an airflow that mimics the look and feel of a ghost being trapped inside the machine. It’s a perfect replica of the move prop and even has a swish Ghostbusters logo on the base!

Just be sure not to hold the handle once the burner is lit. Trapped ghosts get pretty hot, and we wouldn’t want our readers to burn their hands on a phantom!

How Big Is The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner?

The Ghostbusters Trap Incense Burner is 250mm long x 122mm wide x 95mm deep.

That’s a perfect size to stick on your mantle piece, on your dresser, or even in your games room next to your Proton Pack!

Where Can I Buy This Incense Burner?

Ghostbusters movie prop trap

Wannabe Ghostbusters or scent-seekers can head over to the GEEK Store website to pre-order the burner for their homes or game caves. We promise that you’ll never have to put up with stinky spectres or putrid poltergeists ever again!

Finally, I can relax without the Scoleri Brothers blowing raspberries in my ears! The Ghostbuster Incense burner will ship in March 2021!

Numskull has also released a special edition Puft marshmallow scented TUBBZ cosplaying duck along with other incredible Ghostbusters collectibles. Check them out and treat a geeky ghost lover to the ultimate gift!

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