Collectible ‘Tubbz’ Cosplaying Ducks Are Now A Thing

Have you ever wanted to hop in the tub with your favourite retro gaming characters? Or are you getting bored of your mass collection of pop figures and needing something to spice it up? Well then here’s your chance, Tubbz are the latest collectible on the block and they’re the cutest collectibles out there! Made by Numskull Designs, these little things are designed to make your bathroom, desk or living room a much more cooler place to chill!

tubbz spyro

Each of these collectibles are official merchandise of the video game, TV show and movie that it’s showing off, so you’re getting real cosplaying ducks licensed by Numskull with permission.

Each Tubbz comes in a collector’s bathtub display box, featuring the logo and the ability to stack them upon each other, meaning the more you collect the easier it is to put them on show.

tubbz street fighter

Each Tubbz is made from a high quality PVC with highly detailed features and each designed to make you go wow when you see them. They’re approximately 9cm tall when they’re outside of the tub display and come in at around $15 each, a lot more expensive than POP! figures so we’ll have to see how many people are willing to pay the extra price and if they actually become collectibles or not.

tubbz skyrim

We can’t get enough of these, anything collectible and in the pop culture territory we just throw money at. Obviously these are very new and only just announced but we can see in the coming months a potential of new series, perhaps Pokemon, Marvel and one we’d like to see is Game Console edition Tubbz. Now that would be awesome, picture a Gameboy Tubbz on your desk, or a N64 Tubbz next to your controller collection? Dope right?

We’ll be keeping an eye on these Tubbz, but they are available here to order as of today if you are interested!