Gamma Brings PS1 Emulation To iPhone And iPad

gamma ps1 emulator

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PS1 emulator Gamma has launched onto the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad users to play classics such as Metal Gear Solid and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2.

Described by developer ZodTTD as “the fully featured video game console emulator that you’ve come to expect”, Gamma supports several modern quality of life benefits for PS1 emulator aficionados. Gamma has options for Bluetooth and MFi controllers, affording a more authentic PlayStation experience than controlling Crash Bandicoot with a touchscreen and there’s even support for Bluetooth and wired keyboards.

One perk of the Gamma emulator is that it doesn’t require users to source BIOS files to run any PS1 classics, making the app one of the more straightforward installations for any gamers approaching the emulation scene for the first time. Players can also use Gamma to import and set game cover art for the various ROM files, adding to the overall presentation on iOS.

Another welcome feature within the Gamma PS1 emulator on iOS is the implementation of Google Drive and Dropbox synching for storing save states and backing up game files, with accidentally losing your 15-block memory card with your 100-hour Final Fantasy VII save file now a thing of the past. Additionally, Gamma will automatically save your progress during gameplay, allowing gamers to return to the exact point where their previous gaming session finished.

Gamma PS1 emulator skins

Much like fellow emulator Delta, Gamma allows users to apply customisable skins to its interface, giving those without a Bluetooth controller a way to personalise their device to suit their personal preferences and there’s even an option for creative players to produce their own controller skins for use within the app.

One important thing for potential Gamma users to note is that the PS1 emulator apparently collects location and usage data according to the App’s store page, and this may become a deal breaker to some gamers unwilling to part with their personal information in exchange for an easy way to play through Jackie Chan Stuntmaster.

Gamma is just the latest retro gaming app to hit the App Store following Apple’s decision to allow emulators onto its market place last month. Popular emulators such as Emu64 XL, Delta and Provenance have all launched on Apple’s device following the policy change, with even more including PSP emulator PPSSPP and Nintendo 3DS emulator Folium, set to arrive before the end of the year.

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