Provenance Emulator Beta Available On iPhone For Patreon Subscribers

An image of the Provenance emulator games selection screen with Apple Products underneath

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When 2024 began, I had no idea that iPhone emulation would become a huge part of my life. Heck, for many of us, it was still a pipe dream with regards to the official channels, and with no AltStore in the EU until recently, the only real option was jailbreaking, and not the cool kind that Thin Lizzy sang about.

Fast forward to May 2024, and everything has changed. Delta is the most downloaded App on the App Store, and Riley Testut is probably walking around with a massive smile on his face. It was the first App approved by Apple, bringing Nintendo Consoles from the NES to the DS into our sweaty palms. Shortly afterward, we reported that Joseph Mattiello, the developer of Provenance, was bringing his emulator to iPhone, giving us access to PS1 and Sega Saturn emulation.

Provenance emulator on the iPhone
Credit: Provenance

I know what you’re thinking – Crash Team Racing and Sonic Jam while sitting on the bus or in the bath (with a waterproof case, of course). That’s the life, right? Well, if you’re a supporter of Provenance on Patreon, then you can get early access to the emulator beta right now to try out before the official release!

Patreon subscribers who get early access to builds from any of the packages can download and test the beta program, making use of emulators for consoles from the Atari 2800 to the Virtual Boy and the Sega SG1000, offering much more variety than Delta which only covers Nintendo consoles. Plus, the fact that it is available on Patreon means that the official version can’t be far away for the general public to use!

I’ll be keeping a close eye on the rollout of Provenance and letting you all know as soon as it hits my iPhone, as well as keeping you up to date with homebrew games that you can use on the system just like I did with Delta!

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