Adventure Horror Deadeus Launches On Gameboy DMG This Year

No, you didn’t read that title wrong; the Gameboy DMG is getting a new title in the form of top-down adventure/horror game Deadeus.

But how can a console that was discontinued in 2003 still be getting new games? Well, it turns out that the retro gaming community aren’t ones to let old consoles die.

Some of you may have heard of Spacebot Interactive before while browsing Retro Dodo for gaming news. Still, here’s a quick lowdown of who they are and what their new game Deadeus is all about.

A Brand New Gameboy Game For 2021!

Spacebot Interactive are an indie development company specialising in original Gameboy games.

We’ve already seen one release from the company for 2021 in the Dragonborne Gameboy game announcement back in 2020. Now, Spacebot are back with Deadeus, a top-down horror adventure title that looks like it launched with the DMG back in the day!

Spacebot worked alongside independant studio -IZMA- to create Deadeus, and the end result is simply stunning. It has all of the looks of a propper Gameboy game with a subtle modern touch in the styling and artwork.

Can you imagine opening up a Gameboy box again in 2021, that smell of the instruction booklet and the feel of the cartridge in your hand. That’s the stuff dreams are made of.

Weird character in Deadeus

What is Deadeus?

The plot of Deadeus concentrates on a boy who comes across a prophecy in a nightmare. He discovers that everyone will die in 3 days and must try to find a means of saving them.

What’s exciting about Deadeus is that the game has 11 different endings. Not only does this give players a great sense of freedom-of-choice when playing through the game, but it also provides maximum replay value while discovering all of the endings.

What Systems Will Deadeus Work On?

Any Gameboy that plays original DMG cartridges can play Deadeus. That includes the DMG, the Gameboy Color, and the Gameboy Advance.

As aforementioned, the game comes boxed with a full instruction booklet just like the good old days. Pre-orders are open right now and close on February 15th, with the standard edition priced at £42 ($57.44/€46.72) excluding postage.

Pre-order your copy from the Spacebot shop!

Shipping will begin in March, and Nintendo Force has already given the game a rating of 9.5, with other critics praising the horror content style and classic Gameboy game vibes.

Deadeus Gameboy Game screengrab

We’re huge fans of Spacebot Interactive and their mission to keep the Gameboy alive. The retro gaming community never fail to surprise us, and we are very excited to discover what other surprises 2021 might hold.

What do you think of the screengrabs of Deadeus above? Will you be pre-ordering a copy? Let us know your thoughts over on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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