2021 Is Getting A New Gameboy Game Called Dragonborne

dragonborne gameboy

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Let’s face it, this year has been pretty awful, and many of us have been smashing through our old retro games collection quicker than we can fill it.

But worry no longer, as there’s a new Gameboy game releasing in January 2021 called Dragonborne and its by an indie developer in the UK called Spacebot Interactive.

It’s a brand new adventure RPG that takes inspiration from Zelda, Final Fantasy and even Dragon Warriors. Could this be featured in our Best Gameboy Color Games article, most likely!

The story line of the game is this: “Travel through the region of Argon as Kris, in search of your missing father Kurtis, the greatest dragon slayer the region has ever known.”

Above you can see 5 minutes of gameplay, this shows off the unique game design, puzzles, enemies and characters that you will face throughout the game.

The game is available to preorder now, at £42 for the complete boxed edition or £23 for the cartridge only edition.

dragonborne gameplay

Dragonborne gets you to fight your way to each of the dragon caves to face your fears and overcome the challenges that stand in your way.

Your father has disappeared and the region where the dragons are sleeping needs saving before they wake. Within the game you’ll find yourself with 6 – 7 hours of gameplay.

Fighting dragons, exploring caves, wielding weapons, upgrading your armour and all the great things you’ll find from a traditional RPG.

​Dust off your old Gameboy, learn how to modify your Gameboy and get pre-ordering Dragonborne, you won’t regret it.

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