10 Best Custom Nintendo Switch Lite Designs You Have To See

Nintendo has officially revealed the Nintendo Switch lite which will be released on 20th September. But where’s the custom Nintendo Switch Lite designs we’ve all been waiting for? We asked the same question, don’t you worry! The internet has answered and there has been a wide number of designs that we have to share with you. Plus we have also created our own custom Nintendo Switch Lite, as you can see from the video above we teamed up with a bunch of Etsy creators and business to get together the best accessories with the best custom Nintendo Switch Lite that we could fine!

Some of these designs are damn right incredible, Nintendo themselves has already teased a Limited Edition Pokemon Sword & Shield version, so could we be seeing a lot more custom Nintendo Switch Lite consoles from Nintendo themselves? Let’s hope so, because the Custom Switch designs of the original handheld are a little… well, dull. So we’ve but together a list of the top 10 best custom Nintendo Switch Lite designs that you just have to see!

1. Nintendo Switch Lite: Gameboy Edition

custom nintendo switch lite gameboy
Credit: IGN

This custom Nintendo Switch Lite has to be our favourite, not only because we’re addicted to the Gameboy, but we’re really digging that grey matte finish. To be honest, the Switch Lite is basically like a metal Gameboy Advance XL, right? So even though this design has taken inspiration from the classic DMG, it’s a nod back to its little brother, and we love it!

You can see the colours of the D-PAD, analogue sticks and ABXY buttons are all an identical representation of the classic, and even the glass screen panel has a touch of old school, taking the same ‘dot matrix’ type from the original. This is without doubt our favourite custom Nintendo Switch Lite on the list, and one we wish Nintendo actually release. Possibly with a release of one of the best gameboy games of all time? That would be nice.

2. Nintendo Switch Lite: Zelda Edition

custom nintendo switch lite zelda
Credit: IGN

You can’t create a custom Nintendo Switch Lite without creating an edition specifically for one of the greatest games of all time. This concept here has taken it back to the old school with The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and we couldn’t be happier. You can see this concept has taken a dark, gritty material for the shell, with a matte gold touch to the detail.

The shoulder buttons, analogue sticks, and all the front facing buttons are all gold, alongside the incredible touch of artwork that wraps itself around the joy-cons… wait, no, we meant the grips! You can always imagine this coming with an exclusive collectors item, and possibly a new edition of a previous Zelda game. Yes please, Nintendo!

3. Nintendo Switch Lite: Gamecube Edition

Credit: IGN

Another nod back to its younger brother, and a design that could’ve been easily replicated if Nintendo just put a bit more thought into their new colour releases. We have a turquoise and a yellow, but where’s a purple edition? This is a simple edition that many of you have wanted, a minimalist touch, and a simple colour, but it resembles the Gamecube in a wide number of ways.

To be fair, if this custom Nintendo Switch Lite is anything to go by, the console itself could possibly be easily customised with a few simple screws and a bit of sense. So if that’s true, then this could be a simple shell and button swap for those that want it.

4. Nintendo Switch Lite: Xenoblade Chronicles Edition

Credit: IGN

One of the most popular games on the Nintendo Switch has to be Xenoblade Chronicles 2, an open world action adventure game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. So what better way is there to play, than teaming up your game with a limited edition custom Nintendo Switch Lite of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

Not only does it come in a light grey/white which we really dig, it also comes with a touch of colour that resembles its logo. A minimal touch, but we absolutely love it. You can also bet your butt that these limited editions will come with back art too!

5. Nintendo Switch Lite: Famicon Edition

Credit: IGN

More nods to the past, and this one has to be the most unique custom Nintendo Switch Lite on the list, because we can all tell what this is resembling. This design here has taken a touch of Famicon to a whole other level, everything about this thing screams retro!

This one has the gold chrome touch around the buttons and screen, with the deep red that we all know and love. If Nintendo were to release a version like this we’re certain they’d chuck in some old retro games to go along with this retro design, and we wouldn’t say no!

6. Nintendo Switch Lite: Sonic Mania Edition

Credit: @horrortroll

One of the craziest custom Nintendo Switch Lite’s on the list has to be this one, a Sonic Mania edition that just pops with colour. This is one that will certainly get you looks on the streets. Its retro art design goes well with the small form factor of the Switch Lite, and the art even goes over the outline of the screen too which is different to most concepts we’ve seen!

This paired with Sonic Mania would be one hell of a limited edition bundle, and one we’d happily chuck our hard earned cash at. This certainly packs a bunch, and one a lot of people might not fancy, but you can’t say this isn’t one hell of a custom Nintendo Switch Lite!

7. Nintendo Switch Lite: Pokemon Snap Edition

custom nintendo switch lite pokemon snap
Credit: IGN

If you’ve been reading our articles and following our team for some time now, you’ll know that we’re big Pokemon addicts here at the Retro Dodo HQ. So seeing this custom Nintendo Switch Lite warmed our little nostalgic hearts. It might be a bit OTT but this Pokemon Snap edition is something we’d dream of playing.

The nice touch of the little Pokeball, and the adorable Pikachu that jumps out of the console itself is a great feature. We’re not 100% on the B button placement, but hey, and we would’ve liked to see some extra touches to detail, for example some Pokemon on the surrounding of the screen, just like the old Pokemon Gameboys from back in the day.

8. Nintendo Switch Lite: SNES Edition

custom nintendo switch lite SNES
Credit: IGN

It seems like a lot of you Twitter folk like the retro themed custom Nintendo Switch Lite, and we respect that. This edition is a quite obvious nod at the SNES, an old classic console loved by millions. This again is simple, but the nice touch makes it feel nostalgic and old school.

This could possibly be an easy customisation for those that want to get your hands dirty, but it seems that’s a different shell and buttons to the originals, so we may have to wait for a grey version to release before we start adding stickers and changing the buttons. That grey should be out with the limited edition Pokemon bundle launching in November.

9. Nintendo Switch Lite: Translucent Edition

Credit: IGN

One of the most popular ways to pimp your Nintendo Switch back in the day was to simply change the joy-cons shells and your consoles backplate, and to that, the world love the translucent purple, which showed the internals of the handheld.

So, it would be great to see a remake of that in the new Nintendo Switch Lite. And it’s obviously and old nod at the translucent Gameboy and N64 controllers.

10. Nintendo Switch Lite: Pastel Edition

Credit: @maiki_4k

This is one for the younger audience or the ones who are love with pastel colours. A slight adjustment to the Nintendo Switch Lite, with a custom printed shell and screen bezel gives this custom Nintendo Switch Lite a tasty look!

No extra graphics, no modifications to the buttons, and probably no changes to the back either, this is a simple design that Nintendo could certainly come up with, or we just wait and keep our eyes on etsy!

So there you have it a quick look at some of the best custom Nintendo switch lite designs we’ve see so far! Let us know on twitter which one is your favourite by tweeting us @retro_dodo! Thank you for reading.