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best spider pokemon

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Spiders are fascinating creatures, but they are also one of the most feared species, especially by our mothers.

But these 8 legged arthropods have a lot of exciting things going for them. They bleed blue, some can jump up to 50x their height, and some can literally dive in water!

As spiders are seen in almost every habitat on earth, it isn’t a coincidence that the Pokemon world is also inhabited by Pokemon inspired by our 8 legged friends.

This list consists of all the spider-inspired Pokemon, and by the end of the list, you’ll undoubtedly start loving these creatures as well.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best Spider Pokemon to add to your team.

1. Spinarak

Spinarak is an adorable green spider Pokemon that lives in tropical forests and is active only at nighttime.

Though many are fearful of spiders, the silk from Spinarak is surprisingly used for facial treatment by many women as it has some healing properties within it.

Spinarak debuted in the 2nd generation of Pokemon. It was one of the most powerful bug Pokemon, with exclusive moves like poison thread and Spider Web.

Apart from that, the Bug/Poison typing can be really deadly at times, and just look at it, who wouldn’t want it in their team.

2. Ariados


The derpy-looking Spinarak evolves into the mean Aridados starting at level 22. Ariados is a total departure from Spinarak’s design; it turns red in color, grows an even more giant horn, and gets two extra limbs on its back.

If people are fearful of spiders, then Ariadois is one of the reasons, as it is known to slowly consume the bodily fluids of its prey when they’re caught in its trap.

The Pokemon universe can get really dark at times, and the lore behind Ariados is one such example.

Just like Spinarak, Ariados is the only known Pokemon to know the Toxic move Thread!

3. Joltik


You won’t realize how big Joltik is by looking at an image or in-game, but Joltik is one of the smallest Pokemon in existence, with a height of mere 0.1 meters.

This small electric bug can get attached to a Yamper’s fur, and it is tough to get rid of as it blends into its yellow fur seamlessly. It also leeches on Yamper’s electricity!

Apart from holding the title of one of the smallest Pokemon, Joltik also is one of the most adorable bugs out there; even Misty would agree with that statement!

4. Galvantula


next up on the list is Galvantula, and judging by its design, you would’ve already guessed that it evolves from Joltik.

Galvantula departs from the small size of Joltik and grows more prominent; it also produces some nasty front limbs, capable of doing severe damage to its foes. 

Galvantula has decent speed and can be a helpful ally in any team, mainly because of its unique typing, Bug/Electric, which is enough to confuse the opponent. 

And you wouldn’t believe this, but Galvantula feasts on Bird Pokemon’s eggs by placing a web around the nest!

5. Dewpider


I know what you’re thinking, this is a space spider! NO, it isn’t; it’s actually holding a water bubble on its head as Dewpider can’t breathe oxygen through the air; it has to breathe it through the water to survive, hence this astronaut-like round helmet on its head.

Dewpider is the first-stage evolution, so it isn’t the strongest in battle, but it still has a decent special defense.

These weird Pokemon are often seen in groups. To assert dominance, they compare the bubble size of each other’s heads, just like we used to compare who could blow the biggest soap bubble when we were kids.

6. Araquanid


Dewpider evolves into this beast of a Pokemon. The Water/Bug-type doens’t leave any of its enemies in good condition; it traps them in its bubble and leaves them there until it gets hungry.

Araquanid is probably the strongest spider Pokemon out there with such great defensive stats.

If this was an ordered list, Araquanid would’ve bagged the first spot easily.

7. Delta Beldum (Spider)

If you’ve never played Pokemon Insurgence, then this fanmade game gives players more Pokemon to discover from a new region called Holon filled with tonnes of secrets and mysteries.

Oh, and more spider Pokemon, which is super handy for this article!

This Delta Beldum is a spider variant of the Pokemon Beldum. It evolves into Delta Metang at Level 20 and uses its venom to poison enemies after they become trapped in its web.

Weirdly, it can mate with a Delta Ditto, which is something I really… really don’t want to see.

8. Delta Metang (Spider)

Delta Metang looks way more like a spider than its earlier form. Stealing a trick from Shelob, this spider has web that is super strong and incredibly thin.

I was just flexing that I knew the name of a famous spider there, no biggy,

If players find clothing made using silk from a Delta Metang, it will be stronger than the finest Mithril.

Delta Metang evolves into Delta Metagross at Level 45 and can be found in the Murk Forest, which definitely isn’t somewhere I want to go.

9. Delta Metagross (Spider)

Delta Metagross is probably the most spider-looking spider Pokemon other than Spinarak. It’s a crafty Pokemon too, resorting to trickery of the mind rather than the whole cliche ‘web and eat’ way of destroying its enemies.

Anyone unlucky enough to enter a Delta Metagross’ domain might see the Pokemon as another form such as a ghoul or a giant tiger.

Or, you know, just the humongous spider that it actually is.

While Delta Metagross is the final form of the Beldum spider evolutionary chain, it can mega evolve into (you guessed it) Mega Delta Metagross. To do this, players need the ‘spider’ evolution stone Delta Metagrossite.

Catchy name, huh?

10. Surskit


The last Pokemon on our list is Surskit which many don’t consider a spider Pokemon because of its appearance and the fact that it can float on water.

But we already saw Pokemon like Araquanid and Dewpider which literally live underwater.

Besides, there are a lot of spiders out there that can float on the water by simply releasing a tiny amount of oil, and that’s what Surskit also does.

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