10 Best Frog Pokemon Of All Time To Easily Hop Through Gym Leaders

best frog pokemon

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The Pokemon universe is filled with creatures inspired by real-world animals; the salamanders gave us a Pokemon like Charmander, mice gave us Pikachu and the dragons gave us the Dragon types!

So it’s not a new revelation that Pokemon takes inspiration from real-life animals. 

Frog Pokemon are a group of Pokemon that intrigued me a while ago, and it was because I read some crazy facts about Frogs; I mean, did you know that Frogs drink water through their body?

That clearly explains why even after multiple attempts, I couldn’t grab one in my hand when; those slippery creatures would slip from my hand like butter.

Anyways, I did some research and found some truly remarkable frog-inspired Pokemon. In this list, I’ll be sharing these magnificent creatures and their powers with you so that you can add some of these slimy creatures to your team the next time you play Pokemon.

Or just have a team composed of all frogs; you can call that team an army (a group of frogs is called an army!).

10. Froakie


We start off our list with the cute yet, extremely dangerous little Pokemon, Froakie. It was one of the first Pokemon that were revealed for the VI generation of Pokemon, as it is one of the starters in the Kalos region.

This is the same region that gave us mega evolutions, and Froakie’s final stage didn’t get one, and that was because it didn’t need it, the final evolution is super cool as it is!

Froakie is a very capable Pokemon as it can sustain a lot of beating before giving up. The bubbles act as shock absorbers, taking in any blow thrown at Froakie!

9. Bulbasaur


Yes, Bulbasaur is a frog; not many knew this until they saw the animation for Bulbasaur in Pokemon Let’s GO Pikachu and Eevee, where the Venusaur was seen leaping around like a Frog. So yeah, Bulbasaur is a frog and has been since it was first revealed in the Kanto region of the game.

Bulbasaur is an exciting Pokemon; it has a flower thing growing out of its back which fully grows into a majestic plant when it fully evolves, this can be used when performing special attacks.

It uses photosynthesis to collect energy in the battle to decimate its opponents too!

8.  Quagsire

quagsire pokemon

If you ever make the team with Quagsire in it, be warned that it will be the derpiest Pokemon that you’ll ever have in your team.

The Pokemon is the literal definition of the term LAZY.

It doesn’t care about anything; it doesn’t even care about its food. It seemingly swims in water with its mouth wide open, waiting for something to go into its mouth; real excellent strategy, I must say.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on Quagsire, it has redeemable qualities as well, like its pretty decent stats, and it also is a perfect water Pokemon that can take on any opponents that you throw in front of him.

But then again, Quagsire’s goofy behavior gets hold of me; Quaisire literally moves around banging their heads in the water and continues as they are too lazy to move. 

Come to think of it, Quasgsire is probably my spirit animal!

7. Seismitoad


After the last entry, it is essential to have a Pokemon, serious about battling. I can’t think of anyone more suited for this job than the monstrous Seismitoad.

Just look at it for a second and take in its design and form factor; it seems like a jacked-up frog that hits the gym daily, it puts me to shame.

The lumps on its body are more than just vanity; they do many incredible things. Like the one on its head, it can squirt paralyzing liquid on the opponent, and the ones on its hands can vibrate to increase the punching power.

These vibrating lumps are capable of creating earthquakes as well, hence the name.

So, what do you think the humans in the Pokemon universe use this immense power that Seismitoad has to offer? They literally use its vibrating lumps as a free massage machine.

We’ll take two.

6. Croagunk


Next, we have the poisonous Croagunk, famous for bizarre reasons in the Pokeverse. It was chosen to be the mascot for a pharmaceutical company; how does that even happen?

Croagunk is one of the goofiest Pokemon to ever live. The reasoning behind its new job of his was its derpy looks, so looking funny finally paid off for Croagunk.

Besides the looks, Croagunk is a force to be reckoned with; I wouldn’t want to be at the opposite end when a Croagunk is fighting.

It can release poison through its fingers; poison is so dangerous that you faint just by touching it! It also comes with a unique Poison/Fighting typing!

5. Toxicroak


Toxicroak is the big baddie in the Pokemon universe, and this isn’t something I’m making up; Pokedex entries through these years never fail to emphasize that a Toxicroak is a deadly Pokemon. The term ‘deadly’ isn’t to be taken lightly here.

The Pokemon can use its toxic punches to knockout any Pokemon, and the worst part is that the punches are fatal most of the time!

Toxicroaks are deadly Pokemon that use their muscular body and Posion stored up in their sacs to finish any enemy.

Toxicroak is a descendant of the seismitoads line that we saw earlier. Pokemon scientists believe that some of the seismitoads ancestors broke away from the Pokemon line. 

Rather than face this Pokemon, why not get it on your team? You know how that proverb goes, ‘if you can’t defeat them, add them to your Pokemon team’ or something like that, I don’t know.

4. Poliwrath


Poliwrath is an OG when it comes to the best frog Pokemon, it has been around for a long time, and many would love to have it in a team just because of the nostalgia and power that this Pokemon has.

But the Pokemon doesn’t need nostalgia to be in a team; it possesses some seriously deadly moves in its arsenal.

Poliwrath’s body is a symbol that its a Pokemon that is not to be messed with. It has one of the most jacked-up bodies from the Kanto region, and it even knows martial arts.

Martial arts is one of the reasons why trainers evolve their Poliwhirls with a stone. As Poliwraths are not found in nature, they have to be evolved into this final form.

3. Politoed


The next entry on our list is literally a king, Politoed is considered to be the leader of the Poliwhirls and Poliwags of the world.

Their claim to be the king is never challenged. The swirl on its head, the hairstyle that Politoed has, is the symbol of it being a king, and rightfully so; I’d bow down to anyone with a hairstyle like that.

2. Venusaur


I think we’ve already gone over the fact about people freaking out when they realized Venusaur is actually a frog, so let’s just skip that part and move on to the reason why Vensaur is one of the best frog Pokemon of all time.

Venusaur is one of the starters from the first-ever Pokemon game; that alone should tell you why it is ranked so high up on this list.

Not only that, the Pokemon is mighty; even today, trainers like to pick up a Bulbasaur and watch it evolve into this beast of a Pokemon that can slay any opponent you throw in front of it.

Venusaur’s ability to secrete smells that change people’s emotions and the powers that can literally change the environment around it are a testament to its status in the Pokemon universe.

1. Greninja

best frog pokemon

Venusaur might be the OG starter which was also a grass type, but if I didn’t put this pokemon on the number one spot, the list would’ve been inaccurate.

Greninja is one of the best frog pokemon out there; I will even go as far as to suggest that it is one of the best Pokemon out there.

In a world where the Charziards and Pikachus rule people’s hearts, Greninja managed to carve out a space for itself. The water-type Pokemon embodies the traits of a ninja, one of the most famous warrior types in the world!

Its design is super cool, it has a great personality, and overall is a pretty powerful Pokemon, hence the rightful Pokemon for the #1 spot!

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