Ranking The Best Wolf Pokemon Of All Time

best wolf pokemon

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The Pokemon universe is filled with Pokemon of different shapes, sizes, and forms.

Each Pokemon has some unique lore behind it and some special characteristics that set it apart in this ever-increasing vastness that is the Pokemon franchise.

One such group of Pokemon are the wolf Pokemon. These Pokemon are Pokemon that resemble the animal, wolf.

Basically, any Pokemon that looks like a wolf can be considered as a wolf Pokemon. So today, we decided to jot down a list of the 10 Best Wolf Pokemon in the franchise.

The list is not in any order; you can pick any Pokemon on this list in your playthrough and have a great time.

Also, this list is totally based on the stats and the versatility of the Pokemon. So with that out of the way, let’s get into it!

1. Lycanroc


The adorable rockruff evolves into the menacing lycanroc starting at level 25 and this evolution is similar to Eevee’s, as it also has different evolutions.

The Lycanroc form you end up getting depends upon the time of the day in which you evolve the Pokemon. There are three different Lycanroc forms, the midday form, midnight, and dusk form!

So we’re actually cheating on the first entry, as the first entry is basically three different Pokemon. Though Lycanroc has three other forms, most of the players choose the midday form because of its versatility.

But you can totally go with the midnight form that looks like an emo vampire!

2. Manectric

Hailing from the Hoenn region, next up, we have the eclectic wolf Pokemon, Manectric. It evolves from Electrike starting from level 26 and turns into a formidable beast once evolved.

It has been the go-to electric type for almost every trainer in the Hoenn region thanks to its impressive stats. 

Manectric has immense speed and special attack; this makes its attacks as fast as lightning and as devastating as thunder.

Manectric also has a mega evolution that further boosts its speed and special attack making it one of the deadliest in the game, also the mega evolution makes it even spikier than it was originally!

It can also jump really far too, due to its agility, a bit like the best frog Pokemon!

3. Arcanine

Arcanine is the original wolf Pokemon. It has been in the Pokemon universe since its earliest days. It was supposed to be a legendary Pokemon.

It is the Pokemon that comes to any Poke-fans mind when you hear the world wolf or dog Pokemon!

Arcanine and Growlithe are often seen with officers and other security forces because of their reliability and loyalty towards their trainer.

And that’s not it; Arcanine has serious special attack and normal attack stats, giving its special attack moves the much-needed boost. Plus, the new form in Pokemon Legends: Arceus is incredible, but we won’t spoil it for you!

4. Lucario

Lucario is one of the most popular Pokemon in the franchise, the bipedal wolf has amassed fans worldwide, thanks to charismatic nature, badass look, and usability in the game, Lucario deserves all the praise it gets.

Lucario is like the cool kid in this best wolf Pokemon list!

Lucario evolves from Riolu. It was first introduced in the Sinnoh region in the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl games.

Getting a Riolu was really hard in the game, but once you got one, it’s totally worth it. With such great offensive stats, Lucario can quickly become the best Fighting-type wolf Pokemon in your team.

5. Absol


Absol is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game, thanks to its offensive stats.

Absol has been on many competitive teams, and Mega Absol just wipes the floor with its immense speed and special attack! The attack stats Absol boasts are just crazy, and enough to one-hit KO your opponents in no time.

Though it is such a great Pokemon in battle, many in the Pokemon universe don’t like it as it is believed that Absol brings doom to the planet.

Absol can detect natural calamities and shows up only when such disasters happen. Hence people misunderstand it and don’t tend to enjoy seeing it as it could mean there’s potential harm coming to the area.

6. Zacian 


Next up, we have the box art legendary of Pokemon Sword, the warrior Pokemon, Zacian. The Pokemon has two different forms, the hero of many battles and the Crowned sword form which is activated when Zacian is given a Rusted Sword to hold!

Zacian being a legendary Pokemon, has overpowered stats.

With such powerful attacks and speed, you can easily take on any formidable enemy without having to worry because Zacian won’t even flinch.

Catching him reminded me of the first time I caught a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Red, what a time!

7. Zamazenta


Zamzenta is the other half of the hero duo, which includes Zacian. It is a warrior Pokemon and has two forms, just like Zcaina. The hero of many battle forms and the Crowned Shield Form is activated when given a rusted shield to hold.

As Zamaznetais supposed to represent the shield, there is no wonder it is such a substantial tank in battle. It is hard to take down Zamazenta even with the best Pokemon in the game, thanks to its enormous defense and Special defense.

8. Raikou


Raikou is a part of the legendary beasts trio, which was resurrected by yet another legendary Pokemon, Ho-oh after the brass tower burned down. Raikou is considered a thunder Pokemon thanks to its electric typing and its origins.

Raikou is said to have descended from the skies when lightning struck the planet’s surface. It can whip out deadly thunder attacks at any foe when it seems fit; with such power special attack and speed stats, anyone trying to mess with Raikou will be getting zapped!

Some say they are technically cats, but no official statement has came from Nintendo, so we’re going to put them in both categories!

9. Entei

entei pokemon

Entei is yet another member of the legendary trio. Unlike Raikou, Entei is a fire-type Pokemon, and that shows in its fiery look.

Entei is believed to be born when a newly formed volcano erupts. Entei, in turn, can cause volcanoes to erupt by barking!

Unlike Raikou, Entei is not very good in particular attacks. However, it still boasts some fantastic attack and HP stats that any other Pokemon would be jealous of.

10. Suicune

suicine pokemon

The last Pokemon on the list is the latest member of the legendary trio, Suicune. It was also the box art legendary of Pokemon crystal!

Suicune is legendary, has some excellent stats that will give you an edge in competitive matches and normal playthroughs.

It is believed that Suicune brings upon the northern winds when it races across the lands!

So there you have it, a look at the best Wolf Pokemon of the year, we’ll update this list when more Wolf Pokemon are announced that can compete with these four legged beasts!

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